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TREP'21 is your first step. Embry-Riddle’s showcase of venture concepts is open to students, faculty, staff, and alumni. It offers expert guidance to enhance your entrepreneurial skills and chances for success. Join our community of visionaries to solve problems, add value, and show the world!

TREP Expo is open to all ERAU students, faculty, staff, and alumni. To participate, each applying team must submit a title, a list of team members (noting their status as student, faculty, or alumni) and a brief abstract not to exceed 275 words. Include a valid email address (an ERAU email address is preferred) and degree program (if applicable). Choose your display option, either:

  1. Poster (We provide the easel, not the poster material or table).
  2. Table (We do not provide a power source).

One person teams may apply. Only one application per team member. In other words, your team member cannot also be on another team. So pick your best venture concept. Not all applications will be selected.

Applications will be initially screened by a committee. Applications will be evaluated on three criteria:

  1. Commercial Viability – the likelihood the venture will be successful in the marketplace because it provides an elegant solution to a significant problem for which customers willing to pay.
  2. Innovativeness – the venture proposes a novel, unique value proposition; a different and better way to solve the problem.
  3. General Interest – is the venture in an interesting market space? Is it cool? Is it clever?

Accepted venture teams will be assigned into one of three flight groups: Orange, Yellow, and Blue. Three flights groups allow for teams of judges to spend adequate time with each venture team to render a valid judgment. The Judges Award for the three flight groups is exactly the same.

Sponsored by:
Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
O’Maley College of Business

Learn more in our TREP Entrepreneurship Expo FAQs

TREP Expo 2020

View the TREP Expo 2020 Workshop

12 judges, 22 teams presented, Over 500 people participated

People’s Choice Award

Yellow Flight Winners

  • First Place: NOMI
  • Second Place: Aero Tail
  • Third Place: Go Clean Cup

Orange Flight Winners

  • First Place: Space Domain Awareness
  • Second Place: FROST
  • Third Place: Think You Can Cook

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