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TREP EXPO is your first step. Embry-Riddle’s showcase of venture concepts is open to all Embry-Riddle students, faculty, staff and alumni. It offers expert guidance to enhance your entrepreneurial skills and chances for success. Join our aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs and turn your ideas into reality at the TREP EXPO!

Application Deadline: Application Deadline: Sept. 30, 2024
Event Day: Nov. 14, 2024, 2-6 p.m.
Location: Student Union Event Center

Apply today!

  • To participate in TREP EXPO '24, each applying team must submit a title, a list of team members (noting their status as student, faculty or alumni) and a brief abstract not to exceed 275 words.
  • Include a valid email address (an ERAU email address is preferred) and degree program (if applicable).
  • Choose your display option:

Please note: One-person teams may apply. Only one application per team member. In other words, your team member cannot also be on another team. So, pick your best venture concept. Not all applications will be selected.

Applications will be initially screened by a committee. Applications will be evaluated on three criteria:

  • Commercial Viability: The likelihood the venture will be successful in the marketplace because it provides an elegant solution to a significant problem for which customers are willing to pay.
  • Innovativeness: The venture proposes a novel, unique value proposition; a different and better way to solve the problem.
  • General Interest: Is the venture in an interesting market space? Is it cool? Is it clever?

Accepted venture teams will be assigned into one of four groups:

  • Aviation, Aerospace and Engineering
  • Space Technology Repurposed
  • Global Product and Services
  • Veteran Entrepreneurs

Four distinct groups allow for teams of judges to spend adequate time with each venture team to render a valid judgment. The Judges Award for the three groups is exactly the same.

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Past Winners


30 judges presided, 40 teams presented and over 700 people participated in TREP EXPO '23.

Aviation, Aerospace and Engineering Winner

Megan Robards

Veritech won the Aviation, Aerospace and Engineering flight for its self-regulating autonomous compost bin that aims to reduce food waste. 

Space Technology Repurposed Winner

Corey Troxler, Shane Hall and Ronaldo Bailey,

Pulse Guard Connect won the Space Technology Repurposed flight for its device to monitor/diagnose heart issues better than an average portable Electrocardiogram (EKG) machine. Using NASA technology, the team’s heart monitor is able to capture more data than current single-lead systems because it uses 12 leads. 

Global Products and Services Winner

Reed Curry, Alexander Emmolo, and Jaylon Wilson

Inter-Reality Combat Sports, led by a team of threeEngineeringstudents, won the Global Products and Services Award for its mixed-reality gaming experience, described as a combination of video gaming and paintball. 

People's Choice Award

Evgeniia Egorova, Ognjen Srbinovic, and Samuel Rivera

The competition’s People’s Choice award, which has a $500 prize, was awarded to BestFits, an app created to improve online shopping by a team of three Business students.

20 judges presided, 30 teams presented and over 700 people participated in TREP EXPO '22.

Aviation, Aerospace and Engineering Winner

Platyworks Design Bureau - Robert Moore, Todd Martin and Jose Cabrera

Platyworks Design Bureau is a flight control system designed for Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS), or drones, that could make them more reliable and safer to fly.

Space Technology Repurposed Winner

Miners Safety Sleeve - Greg Stirrat, Andrew Osgood and Syanne Andino

Miners Safety Sleeve designed an arm sleeve to be programmed to identify and measure methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature and pressure levels in real-time.

Global Products and Services Winner

Acreage Farms - Collin Topolski, Andy Zamora and Meagan Shivers

Acreage Farm is a mobile monitoring system designed to increase plant productivity in vertical farming.

People's Choice Award

Guardian Structural Health - Maricarin Minnock

Guardian is a system that monitors the structural health of bridges and other structures.

15 judges presided, 30 teams presented and over 600 people participated in TREP EXPO '21.

Aviation, Aerospace and Engineering Winner

  • The trio from Zaragoza, Lucas Ferrando, Rocio Free Vitalle and Fernando Alonso with Improving Aviation, a firm that aims to enhance aviation sustainability.

Space Technology Repurposed Winner

  • Taylor Stroup, Ryan Patterson and Nicholas Sontra, founders of MiCap Technology, a company developing "self-healing" wire insulation.

Global Products and Services Winner

  • Adam Lachguar’s aquaponics company Project Gera, which aims to produce sustainable farming that can produce cheap, organic and environmentally friendly produce and fish.

People's Choice Award

  • Jose Moreno's Jet Cloud with its charter jet phone app.

12 judges presided, 22 teams presented and over 500 people participated in TREP EXPO '20.

People’s Choice Award


Yellow Flight Winners

  • First Place: NOMI
  • Second Place: Aero Tail
  • Third Place: Go Clean Cup

Orange Flight Winners

  • First Place: Space Domain Awareness
  • Second Place: FROST
  • Third Place: Think You Can Cook

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