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Few professions could offer more challenging — and more rewarding — tasks than devising a plan to market a $200 million aircraft or creating a strategic plan for a regional airport.

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Business at Altitude!

Students in the David B. O'Maley College of Business are prepared for careers working for the aerospace, aviation and space industries — from network planning to revenue management to project management, opportunities abound! 94% of graduates are employed or pursuing advanced degrees within one year of graduation!

Graduates from our master's programs expand their career opportunities with specialized training that makes them especially attractive candidates for leadership positions within consulting firms, financial institutions and large defense contractors.

Students in the college gain valuable experience working with industry-specific software, real-world consulting projects, internships and numerous sponsored clubs and activities.

The David B. O’Maley College of Business faculty includes some of the most innovative minds in the field, including authors of best-selling textbooks, industry reports, and top-tier research articles. But most importantly, the faculty is dedicated to providing a transformative education that ensures student success!

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