Embry-Riddle is proud to support each individual student by assigning a professional advisor upon admission. Our Academic Advisors guide and support students as they progress through their academic careers. Advisors will continue to assist you through graduation with the following transactions:

  • A contact with whom you can discuss needs in regard to academic and personal success
  • Schedule planning
  • Creating and updating your academic study plan
  • Removal of the Advisor Hold, where applicable, before registration
  • Guidance and referrals when needed

Current students can locate the name of your professional academic advisor through the Student Center in campus solutions.

Undergraduate Advising also works closely to get you connected with our experienced and dedicated faculty members to help mentor students as you prepare for careers in the global aviation and aerospace industry. 

Our Academic Advisors are Located in the following areas:

Office of Undergraduate Advising Staff

Darren Skinner
Director of the Office of Undergraduate Advising
Phone: 386-226-6199
Email: skinned2@erau.edu

Tammy Buckler
Administrative Assistant
Email: BUCKLERT@erau.edu
Phone: 386-241-1954

Emily Kanicsar
Director of Operations for the Office of Undergraduate Advising
Phone: 386-226-6717
Email: cliftone@erau.edu

Ginny Tait
Senior Advisor
Phone: 386-226-6818
Email: taitg@erau.edu
Make Appointment with Ginny

Linda Arce-Henriquez
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-226-4985
Email: HENRIQUL@erau.edu
Make Appointment with Linda

Mel Dunn
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-226-7317
Email: dunnm14@erau.edu
Make Appointment with Mel

Rachel Hansard
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-241-1461
Email: beckhamr@erau.edu
Make Appointment with Rachel

Ryan Jones
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-226-7319
Email: jonesr@erau.edu
Make Appointment with Ryan

Amanda Nguyen
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-226-7661
Email: organa@erau.edu
Make Appointment with Amanda

Nataniel Reyes
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-226-7494
Email: REYESN9@erau.edu
Make Appointment with Nataniel

CJ Williams
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-226-7460
Email: willc115@erau.edu
Make Appointment with CJ

Jayne Nazario
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-226-2975
Email: jayne.nazario@erau.edu
Make Appointment with Jayne

Alana Turner
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-226-2957
Email: turnera@erau.edu
Make Appointment with Alana

Erin Dickey
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-241-1463
Email: dickeye@erau.edu
Make Appointment with Erin

Sharon Patrick
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-226-6729
Email: patricks@erau.edu
Make Appointment with Sharon

Mary Chilson
Senior Advisor
Phone: 386-226-4964
Email: CHILSONM@erau.edu 
Make Appointment with Mary 

Margaret Orr
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-226-7933
Email: ORRM2@ERAU.edu
Make Appointment with Margaret

Eliana Katelanis
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-226-7320
Email: KATELANE@erau.edu
Make Appointment with Eliana
Alex Latoria
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-226-6169
Email: LATORIAA@erau.edu
Make Appointment with Alex

Joyce Engel
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-241-6020
Email: engelj7@erau.edu
Make Appointment with Joyce

Kim Smith
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-226-7321
Email: PRYORK@erau.edu
Make Appointment with Kim

Amy Williams
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-281-6734
Email: bumbacoa@erau.edu
Make Appointment with Amy

Stella Ortiz Almodovar
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-241-6020
Email: ORTIZE19@erau.edu
Make Appointment with Stella
Elisa Poisson-Gabella
Academic Advisor
Phone: 386-241-1462
Email: GABELLAE@erau.edu
Make Appointment with Elisa

Other Information

University 101 (College Success) is a one-credit course required for most new students on campus. It is taught in groups of 20-25 by academic advisors, faculty, and staff throughout the campus, who have a special interest in first-year students. The Office of Undergraduate Advising monitors the course and trains the instructors and peer mentors. A peer mentor assists the instructor in each classroom instruction and serves as a point of contact for each student in the class.

Students learn from modules on study skills, academic integrity, degree completion plans, time management, budgeting, financial aid, applying for scholarships, professional behavior, Embry-Riddle’s history, campus resources, ethical issues in diversity, and social responsibility.

The First Generation Students Association is focused on first-in-the-family college students. The program provides transitional skills into college life, and holds special events. 

Frequent activities include Dress for Success, trips to Kennedy Space Center, faculty-student gatherings, and motivational programming. Events are open to all students.

Limited scholarships are offered to members of the club, based on academic achievement and club participation. 

Member Feedback

"The First Generation Students Association Program has not only helped me succeed as a student, but also as a professional. The program opens all college students up to the world, and not just to books, which is what most students think college is all about. It has given me valuable information that I will carry throughout my college career and life. With free tutoring, scholarship opportunities, and awesome information seminars, First Gen is the all-in-one college experience everyone should be opened up to."

- Anthony Alvarado

"Being in the First Generation Students Association has inspired me to tackle things in college I normally wouldn't take the time to achieve: from learning the intricacies of financing and doing my taxes, to utilizing all of our campus' available resources as an opportunity to prepare myself for post-college life. Not to mention the people I have met, who all come from a similar background, in that we're first-generation students and heading toward a similar goal in leading successful lives."

- Roland Nunez

"The First Generation Students Association has meant a lot to me, especially this year being my first year as a college student. First Generation Students Association helped me with the transition from high school to college and from being watched over all the time to being responsible and on my own. The club even sponsored different presentations and conferences that were very helpful."

- Joel Johnson

Contact Us

Office of Undergraduate Advising

If you have questions about your courses or need any help with your schedule, you can reach an advisor by emailing dbouadv@erau.edu or calling:

COA (Tomcat Annex, Bldg. 260, Suite 115)

  • 386-226-2917

COAS (Rooms 112/113/114)

  • 386-226-2957 for Teri Deardorff
  • 386-241-1463 for Erin Dickey
  • 386-226-2975 for Jayne Nazario

COB (Room 284)

  • 386-226-6729

COE (Lehman Room 171)

  • 386-226-7073


  • Monday-Friday Appointments: 8:20-11:40 a.m. and 2-4 p.m.


Learn more about the Office of Undergraduate Advising and its services in ERNIE.