Business Leadership Board

Educate. Innovate. Launch.

The Business Leadership Board for the O'Maley College of Business includes executives of leading aviation and aerospace industries as well as governmental bodies.

Business Leadership Board Members

Mr. Rick Larsen - Chairman
Vice President, Communities and Member Programs

Mr. Hervé Lavenant - Vice Chair
United Airlines
Managing Director, Logistic Services

Ms. Megha Bhatia
Jet Support Services, Inc.
Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Steven Boecker
Delta Air Lines, Inc
TechOps/MRO Services Sales Executive

Mr. Jim Buckalew
Founder and CEO

Mr. Chris Cannon
Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Manolo Centeno
Centair LLC
Global Flight Operations Leader

Mr. Damon J. D'Agostino
Zephyrus Aviation Capital
President & CEO

Mr. Lee Garvin
JetBlue Airways Corp.
Director, Risk Management & Worker's Compensation

Mr. Larry Gouldthorpe
TBI US Operations Inc.

Mr. C. Richard Hale
Winner Aviation Corporation
Chairman & CEO

Mr. Michael Henderlong
Managing Director, Head of Capital Markets/Strategic Relationship Management Team

Mr. Joe Hepburn
Vision Forward Aviation, LLC

Mr. Kelly Ison
American Airlines (Allied Pilots Association East Merger Committee)

Mr. David Kelly
HAECO Americas
VP Marketing & Strategy

Mr. Douglas B. Kelly
Avitas, Inc.
Senior Vice President

Mr. Krislen Keri
Wizz Air
Commercial Country Manager Italy

Mr. Chandresh Malkani
Associate Partner

Mr. Joubine Motaharian
Former American Airlines
Finance Executive

Ms. Sarah Newcomer
Senior Finance Manager

Mr. Christopher A. O’Gwen
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Edmund Otubuah
Managing Director of Products

Mr. Sam Patel
SeatCash Inc.
Chief Revenue Officer

Mr. Julio Pereira
International Air Transport Association (IATA)
Assistant Director

Mr. Andy Priester
Priester Aviation

Ms. Justine Ruff
Midland International Air & Space Sport and Midland Exec Park
Director of Airports

Mr. Roger Smeltzer
Smeltzer Aviation Solutions, Inc.

Mr. Gad Wavomba
Vice President Leasing

Ms. Joanne W. Young
Kirstein & Young, PLLC.
Managing Partner