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Among all the of the business disciplines, Marketing brings a focus to the needs and wants of customers, suppliers and the various interest groups in society to build relationships and partnerships both within the organization and external to the firm. Marketers must engage and monitor the numerous communication, promotional, social media networks and distribution channels utilized by the firm to stay aware of the societal and economic forces impacting the lives and purchasing behavior of customers. 

Marketers guide the information gathering tools utilized by the firm to provide value to customers, meet the demands of the various stakeholder groups and monitor success of the marketing programs implemented. As firms conduct research and monitor marketplace developments it is often the task of marketers to provide senior leadership with the needed intelligence to determine the strategy and tactics to position the organization for long term success.

The core required classes of the marketing major have students focus on developing data driven marketing research skills that ultimately enable firms to successfully pursue target markets. The professional selling class highlights ways in which firms can develop lasting partnerships within a business to business context. 

Beyond the core classes, elective options allow you to pursue interest in areas of entrepreneurship, e-commerce and social media marketing or add knowledge of specific aviation and/or aerospace industries Embry Riddle is known for.    

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