The Department’s educational philosophy is that ethical and responsible behavior — nested in a culture of safety and professionalism — is imperative for the success of its graduates.

The goal of the Flight Department is to provide the aviation professionals of tomorrow with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and judgment necessary to succeed in the global aviation community.

The intent of the Department is to accomplish its mission by:

  • Serving the student body, the department, the college, and the external community in support of the University’s overall mission
  • Investing in and maintaining an exceptional safety culture
  • Recruiting, training, and using top-quality instructional staff
  • Acquiring and maintaining the appropriate national and international certifications for pilot training
  • Providing the appropriate certifications required for students to become professional pilots
  • Infusing state-of-the-art flight simulation into the curriculum
  • Employing scenario-based training to develop advanced aeronautical decision-making
  • Providing a well-structured program to sustain the high level of standardization and professionalism demanded by the industry
  • Using quality management techniques to continuously enhance the flight program
  • Collaborating with industry leaders and aviation experts worldwide

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