the Hagedorn Aviation Complex

The College of Aviation’s Hagedorn Complex consists of six ultra-modern facilities covering 97,000 square feet. The site is located adjacent to the flight line and the College of Aviation Building.

Hagedorn Aviation Complex Buildings

Advanced Flight Simulation Center (SIM Center)
The Advanced Flight Simulation Center (AFSC) contains the simulators and flight training devices (FTDs) needed to support the Flight Training Department.

Aviation Maintenance Science Hangar (AMS Hangar)

The AMS Hangar is used to support the Aviation Maintenance Science degree programs. Students will work on aircraft and trainers en route to working toward their FAA Airframe and Powerplant certificate.

Emil Buehler Aviation Maintenance Science Building (AMS)

The Emil Buehler Aviation Maintenance and Sciences building contains classrooms and laboratories that support the Aviation Maintenance Science degree programs and an outside observation deck that enjoys a panoramic view of the flight line and the Daytona Beach International Airport.

Fleet Maintenance Hangar (Hangar)

The Fleet Maintenance Hangar is where the university’s private fleet of aircraft are maintained.

Flight Operations Center (Flight Center)

The Flight Operations Center building is a two-story building housing all flight operations, including offices, dispatch, debriefing, classrooms, and other spaces. In addition, it includes a control tower and observation lounge. 


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