Advanced Flight Simulation Center

New-generation Flight Training Devices (FTDs) are increasingly valuable in today’s complex flight training environment. To meet this need, ERAU has an extensive “fleet” of simulators including several FAA-qualified Level 6 FTDS, a FAA Level D Full-Flight Simulator (FFS) and a crosswind trainer.

These training aids enable students to learn aircraft performance, practice Cockpit Resource Management (CRM), experience aerodynamic effects, and perform a variety of flight maneuvers in a controlled environment.

Capabilities span the following categories: data collection, data reduction, hardware integration, scenery (out of cockpit), scenery (ownership, software integration, debriefing station, enhanced recording (export), enhanced recording-replay-reporting, fleet mode and GISt central console, fleet (FAA AATD), fleet (FAA Level 5), fleet (FAA Level 5 and 6, control loading), fleet (FAA level 5 and 6, visual, projection), fleet (FAA Level 6), synthetic automated flight training environment, traffic creator (ADSB-mode), traffic creator (aircraft model), traffic creator, (fleet mode), traffic creator (recorded traffic, traffic creator (relative traffic, (traffic creator (waypoint traffic), traffic creator (waypoint traffic), WAAS functionality, wireless remote IOS, fleet (FAA Level D), fleet (FAA Level D, control loading), fleet (FAA Level D, motion), fleet (FAA Level D, visual, projection)


  • 2 Mentor AdvATD (Level 0)
  • 2 F141 FTD (Level 0)
  • 2 X-Wind 200 TD (Level 0)
  • 2 DA-42-VI FTD (Level 5)
  • 1 CL-600-2B19FTD FTD (Level 6)
  • 8 CE-172-2 FTD (Level 6)
  • 1 CL-6000-2B19FFS FFS (Level D)

Lab Information

Location: Advanced Flight Simulation Center, Building 311

Lab Directors: Dr. Ken Byrnes and Raul Rumbaut

Contact Us: To speak to someone about this lab or any of our facilities, call us at 386-226-6100 or 800-862-2416, or email