Integrating Expanded and Non-Segregated UAS Operations into the NAS: Impact on Traffic Trends and Safety

This research led by Richard Stansbury (PI) will provide further insight into the safe integration of sUAS through the forecasting of expanded and non-segregated sUAS operations. The ASSURE research team will collect data to inform the FAA on risk-based methodologies to develop and apply safety rules, regulations, and revised Safety Management System (SMS) protocols based on forecasted UAS operational needs and performance characteristics.

Research Dates

09/01/2019 to 09/01/2021


  • Dothang Truong
    School of Graduate Studies (SGS)
    Ph.D., University of Toledo
  • Ryan Wallace
    Aeronautical Science Department
    Ed.D., Graduate Certificate, Oklahoma State University-Main Campus
    M.S., B.S., University of North Dakota