Student move into the new residence hall.

Check-In and Move-In Dates

Spring 2024 Check-In: Students checking in to their housing assignment who did not live on campus in the Fall of 2023 can check in on Monday, January 8th from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Students who are continuing from the Fall 2023 semester do not need to check in again.

Before You Move In

Your room is your home away from home while at ERAU, and it is important to make it your own. Visit our “What to Bring Checklist to help you make sure you have the essentials and our approved appliance list to know what small appliances you can have in your room. For more information on hall amenities, check out our residence halls page and navigate to your specific residence hall.

The Community Standards are policies and procedures students are required to adhere to for a successful and safe living environment. In-coming students should familiarize themselves with the Community Standards and Honor Code before their arrival to ensure they comply with all university policies and guidelines.

First-year residential students are required to enroll in a minimum of 14 meals per week, but they may upgrade to any residential meal plan option. Before you decide on the meal plan option that best fits your needs, you should check out all of ERAU’s dining options on campus.

The on-campus Mail Center provides students with a convenient one-stop postal service for incoming and outgoing mail, as well as shipping services. When you arrive on campus, you can visit the First Floor of the University Parking Garage, where the Mail Center is located, to receive your mailbox information. Also, if you want to send items to campus before you arrive, you can mail your items to the following address and retrieve them after you check in:

Student Name

New Student

1 Aerospace Boulevard

Daytona Beach, FL 32114

If you plan to bring a vehicle on campus, you need to register for a parking permit. A parking permit allows you to park in a designated parking lot on campus, and you can learn more about the parking policies and options on the Campus Safety and Security page. Campus Safety and Security is the go-to department with questions and concerns about parking permits and parking.

ERAU’s Health and Wellness Services provides medical care to students. The health services fee allows students to use any of their services. Before you arrive on campus, you should submit all required immunization and medical documents to Health Services, so you can participate in university events, including attending classes. Also, submission of these forms allows Health Services to best provide you treatment and support, should you need it.

In addition to granting you access to the residence halls, your EagleCard serves as an identification card, campus debit card, library card, and much more! It also permits admission to school activities, events, games, or when seeking services from a University department. You can request your EagleCard online before you move in, and you will need to upload a picture of yourself. Requesting your EagleCard ahead of time makes the check-in process faster.

  • Request your EagleCard over the summer.
  • Ship products to ERAU or Daytona Beach stores.
  • Buy stuff once you arrive rather than traveling with it.
  • Be mindful when packing belongings. Try to limit the number of items you pack and bring only essentials to reduce clutter in your room.
  • Contact your roommates before move-in to coordinate shared items.

Students can request to have their beds lofted or bunked before move-in by completing a Furniture Pre-Arrangement Request. This form will be available after June 26 for the Fall 2023 semester. Summer B students will have this form emailed to them with their housing assignment for Summer B. On this form, students can also ask to have a ladder or guard rail added to their beds. Requests must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on July 18 to be completed before check-in, and any requests received after this date are not guaranteed to be completed before you arrive. If you decide to change your furniture arrangement after you arrive on campus, please find a staff member, and they will help you with fulfilling your request promptly.

Move-In Day

You can locate your hall and room number on your Housing Self-Service Portal. You will use your ERNIE login credentials to access your information, and you can also find out who your roommate and suitemates are on the housing portal. Once you log in, you will ensure you using the correct academic semester (Fall 2021) and click on the room link for more details.

  • Where to go
  • Parking
    • On move-in day, parking permits are not required for non-specialized spaces. Please do not park on sidewalks, in the grass, or in handicapped spaces or other specialized spaces (unless you have a permit).
  • What you need
    • You! You must be present to receive your room key. A parent or friend cannot be issued your keys and may not check out a key.
    • Summer in Florida tends to be hot, humid, and rainy. Please bring water to stay hydrated, and it is recommended that you dress comfortably and wear closed-toed shoes. Please consider bringing a dolly or hand truck to assist you in moving items into your new home!
    • Label all boxes and items with your last name, student ID number, building name, and room number - many items tend to look alike and this will help us return a lost item to you, should it go missing.

Students must complete the drive-thru check-in process where they will receive their room keys for their building after they check in with Orientation staff. Once, you have completed your check-in process, you can proceed to your residence hall. If you do not have your EagleCard before arrival, it is highly recommended that you proceed to the Student Union to receive your EagleCard before you begin unpacking your belongings. Also, if you have any questions or concerns when you arrive at your residence hall, hall staff members will be present throughout the building and lobby to assist — just look for the individuals in HRL staff shirts or polos.

After You Move In

Resident Advisors serve as leaders and mentors to their peers in the residence halls, and they build engaging communities, serve as resources to their residents, and facilitate social and educational events in the halls throughout the year. If you ever have a question or concern about your residential experience, or life at ERAU in general, going to your RA is the best first step. They can provide assistance, guidance, and support, and if they don’t have the answer, they can point you in the right direction. Your RA lives on your floor, and you can find them by looking for the room labeled “Resident Advisor” or checking out the bulletin board on your floor, which has their name and contact information.

During the first part of the semester, RAs will facilitate conversations with each room about expectations for community living using the Suitemate Agreement. Suitemate Agreements are a tool for students to use to guide conversations with each other about typical lifestyle preferences and reaching compromises for your shared living environment. Residents should complete a Suitemate Agreement with all members of their suite, so every member of the space has the opportunity to participate in a discussion about their room. 

  • Roommate Conflicts:
    • Living with others can present unique challenges and compromise will be necessary. We ask that all students attempt to work out conflicts together by speaking with one another. If needed, the students can speak with their RA, and the RA will help mediate any conflict that arises. If, after speaking with the RA, the conflict is not resolved, the RA will involve their Residence Life Coordinator (a professional staff member) for assistance.
    • Typically, all rooms are filled at the beginning of the year and switching rooms is usually not an available option. Students can sign up for room change week which usually occurs the 3rd or 4th week of the semester. If a room is available, we will work with the students to find a different space.
  • Common Area Cleaning
    • An area of frequent conflict for residential students is the cleanliness of common areas, including bathrooms and kitchen areas, where applicable. It is important that roommates and suitemates work together to agree upon a cleanliness level and cleaning schedule for continued harmonious living. Bathrooms are cleaned by university staff on a regular basis, but it is the responsibility of residents to keep their space clean outside of scheduled bathroom cleanings.

At this mandatory event for residential students, join your Resident Advisor and other residents in your wing to meet each other, start building your community, and learn about how to build a positive community experience.

ERAU Housing and Residence Life utilizes a residential curriculum to promote learning and engagement in the residence halls. As part of the curriculum, RAs and hall staff facilitate social and educational events intended to promote students’ academic and personal success through encouraging faculty engagement, promoting campus resources, fostering relationship development, and creating inclusive communities. Read your RA’s newsletters, bulletin boards, emails, and flyers for more information on exciting and fun events happening regularly in the halls, including movie nights, tie-dying, and faculty visits.

When you move in, you will have the opportunity to join your community’s Area Council. Area Council is a group of students that plan fun social events for their community, and there are several student leadership positions available for members, including president and executive board positions. Involvement in Area Council provides students with a great opportunity to get involved on campus and gain leadership skills early in their collegiate journey. Please see your RA or Residence Life Coordinator with any questions.

Laundry facilities are located in all of the residence halls, and students can utilize these facilities at no charge. O’Connor/Stimpson Hall, Adams/Wood Hall, Doolittle Hall, Apollo Hall and Chanute Complex each have a large laundry room for residents to use, while Residence Halls 1 and 2 have smaller laundry rooms on each floor. Residence Hall 3 has laundry machines in each suite. You will need to bring your own laundry supplies (detergent, dryer sheets, etc.), and you can check if a laundry machine is available on the Speed Queen App (Android/iOSwithout leaving your room (Location code ERAU01). When using the laundry facilities, please remember to set a timer and change your laundry in a timely fashion out of respect to your fellow students. As a courtesy, please do not touch other people’s laundry/clothing even if it’s to remove something from a machine.

ERNIE Central is a one-stop solution for student services, and you can find help with questions related to academic records, registration, financial aid, and much more! If you ever have an ERAU related question or concern and your RA isn’t available, ERNIE Central is your next best resource.

Residents can watch a variety of movies and television shoes at Students can access this streaming service while connected to EagleNet.