The United States Space Force recruits the brightest minds in technology, aerospace and engineering. Our Guardians reach for new heights beyond the atmosphere as they protect our freedoms, imagine the impossible and put it into orbit.  

Selection for a Space Force career occurs during the cadet’s junior year based on the following criteria:

  • Cumulative GPA
  • Fitness Assessment (FA) results
    • Based on a 100-point scale and consisting of sit-ups, push-ups and a 1 1/2-mile run.
  • Interview Assessment
    • Prospective Guardians should review the Chief of Space Operations Planning Guidance, Space Doctrine, Space Power Disciplines, and Guardian Ideal as they consider their personal and professional aspirations. Cadets should be familiar with the Guardian Commitment (contained in the Guardian Ideal) to ensure they are a good fit with USSF.
  • Space-Centric Extra Curricular Activities
    • Cadets are encouraged to seek out opportunities to deepen their understanding of the space domain and the competencies necessary to build and maintain high-performing teams some examples include but are not limited to: rocket club, STEM tutoring, astronomy club, spaced-related internships, etc.)
  • Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT)
    • A standardized, multiple-choice test similar to the SAT in format. AFOQTs are administered several times during the school year.
  • Field Training (FT) results
    • Cadets train and are selected for FT. This is a mandatory program designed to develop leadership and discipline and to determine potential for entry into the Professional Officer Course. FT typically occurs between the sophomore and the junior year.
  • Commander's Ranking
    • The Detachment Commander evaluates cadets based on the "whole person" concept and ranks them in relation to their peers. Overall officership potential is determined based on (but not limited to) a cadet's maturity, judgment, and overall performance within cadet corps.

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