Airbus Fly Your Ideas, Embry-Riddle Team 'The Efficiente'

In January, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s team 'The Efficiente' became one of the top 100 teams selected from around the globe for Round 2 of the challenge. The team is also joined by nine other teams selected from the U.S. for Round 2. 'The Efficient' team members are Ravi Gondaliya (Team Lead, MSAE), Edward Boylan (MSAE), Jordan Stine (BSAE), Jiukun Li (MSAE), and Fady Rafla (MSAE). Academic mentor to the team is Dr. Dae Won Kim (Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering). The title of the project is Extending Damage Tolerance and Life Cycle of a Composite Structure by Incorporating an Energy Absorbing Mesh in the Layup. While technical details about the project cannot be disclosed until the end of the competition, the group is currently planning the experimental phase of the project. With the deadline for Round 2 in March 2015, the team will fabricate its unique composites in the Embry-Riddle Composites Laboratory and is planning to perform various mechanical tests like Tensile-Compression and Impact Testing in Embry-Riddle's Materials Testing Laboratory.

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AeroTechnologies Research and Development Association

This organization consists of collaborative teams targeting research and product development of Unmanned Aircraft by using advanced and innovative manufacturing techniques, such as 3D printing and implementation of active flow control technology in Micro Air Vehicles systems. The teams’ goals are to create a high precision self-replicated 3D Printer, a deployable 3D Printed Unmanned Air Vehicle, and a Micro Air Vehicle controlled by Synthetic Jet Actuator technology. Students in this organization are able to build a strong background in research, design, development, and high-fidelity simulations.

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Micro Jet Team

The purpose of the Micro Jet Team is to redesign and refurbish the Bede BD-5J aircraft in order to improve its safety standards. Research conducted by the team will ultimately be disseminated to the various owners who wish to fly their own BD-5Js but are hesitant due to safety concerns. This project provides students with an opportunity to work in the Eagle Flight Research Center and gain hands-on experience in CATIA drafting, CNC machining, wind tunnel testing, CFD analysis, riveting, panel installation, and much more.

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Micro Jet Research Website

SAE Heavy Lift Team

This team competes in the Society of Automotive Engineers Aero Design Challenge, East Division, and is overseen by the AIAA chapter at Embry-Riddle. For this challenge, the team designs, builds and flies a remote controlled aircraft with the ability to lift up to 65 pounds. During annual competitions along the entire East Coast, this aircraft must perform acrobatically, flying set courses and conducting short take-offs and landings. This project offers great opportunities for many different experience levels and disciplines of students, from wing and fuselage fabrication, to CFD and FEA assisted design, to flight testing and team logistical planning. Many of our members join as freshmen and take on ever-increasing technical roles as their education and experience levels progress.

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Spacecraft Development Club (ARAPAIMA or SDC)

This group is a design club mainly motivated by the University Nanosat Program (UNP8), a rigorous two year concept-to-flight-ready spacecraft competition. The club aspires to encourage, educate, and train future professionals (both engineers and business personnel alike) in the development and manufacturing of space systems. Student members participate in small satellite research and development (R&D), payload development, integration, and flight testing. They also gain hands-on experience in the art of Cubesat design and satellite design.

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Spacecraft Development Club (ARAPAIMA) Website

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

AIAA is the world’s largest professional society devoted to the progress of engineering and science in aviation, space, and defense. As one of over 190 AIAA student branches located around the world, the Embry-Riddle branch enables students to participate in team-based technical projects, attend professional activities, take trips to local aerospace companies such as NASA and Piper Aircraft, network with students and industry professionals, and much more.

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