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Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering or a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Embry-Riddle's Department of Civil Engineering do so with all the knowledge, confidence, and insight they need to make a significant impact in the field of civil engineering.

Civil engineering involves all the design activities that make the world habitable by humans — buildings, bridges, roadways, airports, and the other structures we take for granted all required civil engineering to bring them to reality. The Daytona Beach Campus is perfect for hands-on civil engineering projects, such as the concrete canoe and solar-powered systems. By taking classic civil engineering design problems, applying an approach using space-age technology, and then constructing that solution in a team, students develop the entire spectrum of skills needed to understand the engineering design cycle. 

Small class sizes, hands-on projects, and dedicated faculty mentoring provide the basis for a modern education in applying engineering approaches to an ever-increasing spectrum of problems as environmental concerns collide with the increasing needs for transportation infrastructure, particularly in the aviation industry. The Department also investigates the infrastructure needed to make other locations, such as Mars, habitable by humans given modern technology.

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Accelerated master's degree programs for all of the College of Engineering Master's degrees are also available to exceptional Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering juniors and seniors; these degree programs apply a student's technical electives to their master's degree

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American Society of Civil Engineers

The student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is dedicated to promoting the professional development of and providing hands-on experiences to the students in the Department of Civil Engineering

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