Aerospace Engineering Tracks

The Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering program has three tracks:

  • The Aeronautics track pertains to the knowledge of atmospheric vehicles that includes its aerodynamics with wind tunnel experience; the internal structural design and analysis; and the stability, controllability and flight testing of aircraft. Student teams design and analyze their own aircraft in their senior-year capstone courses.
  • The Astronautics track focuses on orbital mechanics, spacecraft controls, rocket propulsion, and structural analysis, which apply to industry-focused problems in the spacecraft design sequence. Students have frequent opportunities to participate in national competitions and design/build/test projects.
  • The Propulsion track focuses on air-breathing propulsion, including turbojets, turbofans, and ramjet engines. Building on a strong foundation of thermodynamics and propulsion theory, propulsion students will conclude their tenure by designing an entire jet engine from start to finish, including sizing, cycle studies, and detailed component design.

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