Your flight block should already be scheduled for you. Refer to your “Student Center” in Campus Solutions. You will not be allowed to schedule classes any time during your flight block, so please plan accordingly. If you do not have a flight block scheduled, or have any questions regarding your flight block, please contact the Flight Department directly via email at

Things to Consider When Planning Your First Schedule

  • Students planning to register for flight courses need to bring documentation with them in order to be cleared for flight.
    • Students must bring proof of United States citizenship, if applicable. Original U.S. Birth Certificates work best. If producing a U.S. Passport or other form of documentation for citizenship, a copy of the U.S. Birth Certificate is required to verify the student’s full legal name. Birth certificate must be the original document and must be accompanied by the driver’s license or another valid, unexpired government-issued photo I.D.
    • Students with United States citizenship must produce a Government Issued picture ID (non-expired) that has their full legal name (as it appears on their birth certificate)
    • Students taking Unmanned Aircraft Systems courses will not be able to register until they present proof of US citizenship.
    • Students must have a Class I or II medical certificate (showing their full legal name) to fly at Embry-Riddle.
    • First time flight students will have the opportunity to apply for a Student Pilot Certificate once on campus.
    • The TSA requires registration of all international flight students. Any questions regarding the requirements of the T.S.A. clearance should be directed to Jason Williams (; 386-226-7660).
  • Those who have already earned ratings can send copies to the Admissions Office via fax to 386-226-7070. Students who have previously earned flight ratings will consult with their advisor to select the appropriate flight course.
  • Learn about TSA regulations and view the New Flight Student Guidebook and Pre-Flight Checklist to aid you in planning for flight courses on campus. 
  • The orientation site has schedules that are updated prior to each semester. The site also has information you can use before you get to campus.

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