Here are some considerations to make while planning your first schedule:

Register for the appropriate ROTC courses listed below — along with the suggested courses for your degree program — remembering not to overload yourself. In general, you want to schedule 12-16 hours total, including ROTC classes.

Air Force ROTC

  • AF 101 U.S. Military Forces (1 credit)
  • AF 101L Leadership Laboratory (0 credits)


  • MSL 101 Basic Military Science I (1 credit)
  • MSL 101L Basic Military Science I Laboratory (0 credits)
  • MSL PT Army ROTC Physical Training (0 credits)


  • NSC 101 Introduction to Naval Science (2 credits)
  • NSC 100 Naval Science Lab (0 credits)
  • NSC PT Navy ROTC Physical Training (0 credits)

Please note: If you are a College Program Midshipman (meaning you DO NOT have a 4-year National Scholarship), please contact the NROTC unit before enrolling in these courses. You must meet the program’s physical standards and may be required to interview before acceptance into NROTC.


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