The College of Engineering Dean's Advisory Board is a distinguished panel of industry and business leaders, alumni, and friends whose purpose is to help shape the direction of the college and fulfill its vision by:

  • Providing expertise, perspective, and strategic counsel to the dean
  • Being a strong and enthusiastic advocate, supporter, and champion for the college
  • Helping the college enhance its national prestige and strengthen industry, government, and local community ties and relations
  • Being engaged and providing assistance in fundraising activities and goals
Headshot of Stephen Altemus

Mr. Stephen Altemus

President and CEO
Intuitive Machines
Headshot of Maryam Ghyabi

Ms. Maryam Ghyabi

Ghyabi Consulting and Management
Headshot of Fred Hadaegh

Dr. Fred Y. Hadaegh

Research Professor of Aerospace
California Institute of Technology
Headshot of Ralph Jagielka

Mr. Ralph Jagielka

Structural Design Manager
Gulfstream Aerospace
Headshot of James Marquis

Mr. James A. Marquis

Kimchuk, Inc.
Headshot of John Meyers

Mr. John Meyers

Executive Director
Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD)

Mr. Gus Ordonez

Professor, Strategy & Technical Innovation
The Beall Center, University of California

Mr. Robyn Ringuette

Vice President — Engineering
GXO, Inc.
Headshot of Trevor Stedke

Mr. Trevor J. Stedke

Senior Vice President
Frontier Airlines
Headshot of Albert Winn

Mr. Albert L. Winn

Vice President, Apache Programs (Retired)
Integrated Defense Systems
The Boeing Company
Headshot of Justin Annibali

Mr. Justin Annibali

Global Space Exchange, Inc.
Headshot of Tyler Grinnell

Mr. Tyler Grinnell

Aerospace Leader
Former SpaceX, Virgin Orbit
Headshot of Charles Hix

Mr. Charles E. Hix

Director of Propulsion Systems
The Boeing Company
Headshot of David Loffing

Mr. David N. Loffing

Vice President — Chief Engineer
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Headshot of Marianne Meloro

Mrs. Marianne Meloro

Engineering Director — Vehicle Structures
Northrop Grumman Aeronautics Systems
Headshot of Geoff Murray

Mr. Geoff Murray

Oliver Wyman
Headshot of Donald Pointer

Mr. Donald J. Pointer

Senior Director of Marketing & Communications
Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation
Headshot of Shahryar Shaghaghi

Mr. Shahryar Shaghaghi

Professor of Professional Practice
Columbia University
Headshot of Nicole Stott

Ms. Nicole P. Stott

Astronaut & Artist
Founder and President, Space for Art Foundation

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