If you wish to join the Embry-Riddle NROTC unit, and have not received a NROTC scholarship, follow the process outlined below.

Due to the number of potential applicants, the College Program will only be available to candidates beginning their Sophomore year.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester

  • Enroll in NSC 101
  • Apply to the NROTC National Scholarship (Deadline Dec. 31)

Spring Semester

  • Enroll in NSC 102
  • Schedule a meeting with LT LaFevers to discuss College Program Options
  • Submit College Program application
  • Submit required paperwork for NSI
  • Submit a Sideload (3 YR) Scholarship Application


  • Attend New Student Indoctrination (NSI)

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester

  • Check in to the Unit, pass a Physical Readiness Test
  • Attend Midshipmen Orientation
  • Officially join the ERAU NROTC Battalion

Contact Us

Captain Trevor Kenahan - Marine Officer Instructor



GySgt Felix Arroyo Robles - Asst. Marine Officer Instructor



Schedule an Officer Interview

LT LaFevers




Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions prior to contacting the NROTC office. All other NROTC-related inquiries may be directed to the following email address and will be answered as promptly and thoroughly as possible in the order your email is received.