To be eligible, students must have between a 1360 and 1390 SAT (or 29 to 31 composite ACT), along with at least a 3.75 unweighted GPA. Additionally, students must be admitted to the university by December 1.  All of these criteria need to be met in order to be considered.

After you apply to ERAU, assuming you meet the baseline criteria for consideration, you will be invited to apply to the Honors Program. Once we have your application, it will be reviewed and a decision made. (We have two sets of application considerations - one in late fall/winter, the other in early spring). You must observe the published application deadline.

There are numerous benefits to being in the Honors Program, both as an enhanced/enriched experience while here, and because roughly the top 6% to 7% of incoming students is admitted to Honors - which places you in elite company. That gives you a leg up when it comes to internship, grad school, or job applications as well ... assuming you are doing or have done well while at the university.

All students, regardless of transfer credit, MUST sign up for HON 150. Please refer to these two links to navigate the registration process as an Honors Program student ( and

You do not have to take the Comp Eval; however, you might need to take the ALEKS assessment if you are trying to place into Calculus 1. Please note that the ALEKS assessment only places up to Calculus 1; if you are bringing in Calc AB and/or BC credit, you will not necessarily need to take the ALEKS exam. Please speak with your program advisor (listed in your Student Center) for more details and help with non-Honors course requirements.

As indicated in the links provided, AE, ME, and CIV students need to take the PSVT:R by June 20. 

***We will speak with all students individually at the beginning of fall to go over your academic study plan within Honors. You will know exactly what your requirements are and how our Honors courses fit into your curriculum at that time.

Any time you have an Honors-specific question, reach out to either Dr. Geoff Kain or Michelle Howell. For questions that are degree program-specific, please reach out to the other advisor(s) listed on your account. Your program advisors are also the individuals who are able to lift advisor holds that might appear on your account.
To be assigned to the Honors Program LLC, incoming first-year students need to submit their Housing application and deposit by May 15. Other than that, there’s not much you will need to do. We will send over a list of our incoming students, and the Housing department uses this list for room assignments.
Common Honors housing (our Honors Living Learning Community) is a strong benefit of being in the Program since it provides superb opportunities for academic support to/from your Honors peers, social networking, and strong community building. We consider it foundational to the Honors Program experience. Therefore, we strongly encourage students admitted to Honors to take advantage of Honors housing. We cannot require it ... but would if we could, knowing the benefits as we do, from the consistent feedback from our students over the years.
Well, yes and no. There is not a scholarship specifically for being part of the Honors Program; however, our requirements closely align with many of the university’s eligibility criteria for their top scholarships. As a result, many of our students are eligible for and receive many of the university’s top academic scholarships.
ABSOLUTELY! During the middle of summer, we will have our Honors Program Peer Mentors reach out to incoming students. If you need help before then, please email We will make sure to get someone in contact with you ASAP!
Some of our finest Honors Program students over the years have been in ROTC or athletics. Yes, it is entirely possible. Honors provides you with academic alternatives and, yes, additional academic demands ... but it is all about time management, discipline, and not becoming overextended (i.e., not too many clubs or club officer positions, etc. That is true for any student.)
After you have completed 30 credit hours at Embry-Riddle, but not more than 60 credit hours, and you carry at least a 3.75 CGPA, you may be invited to apply to the Honors Program. Each year, during the spring semester, students who meet these criteria are notified that they are eligible to apply. Applications are then reviewed by a small committee within the student’s respective college, and selections made. It is a very competitive process but, yes, it is possible to join “late.”
All degree programs at Embry-Riddle have a well-defined Honors curriculum for Honors Program students in their respective areas. Between 24-27 credit hours of Honors are embedded within the student’s overall curriculum (NOT additional to existing requirements). Honors courses replace some general education requirements, as well as meet standard requirements specific to the major.
There is no process for willingly leaving Honors (though that is very rare). Simply stop fulfilling your Honors requirements, and you will not meet the standard for graduating with University Honors.
Honors Program students must maintain at least a 3.20 CGPA and a semester GPA of at least 2.75. If a student dips below either of these benchmarks, the student will be placed on “Honors probation,” after which s/he will need to raise the CGPA to at least the minimal standard. Failure to do so results in removal from the Honors Program. There is NO financial or scholarship penalty specifically tied to removal from Honors.

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