Dr. Ruben Arcos

Deputy Director

Centre for Intel Services & Democratic Systems

Mr. Brad Deflin

Founder and President

Total Digital Security

Mr. Mike Durant


Pinnacle Solutions

Dr. David Ellis

Resident Senior Fellow

Joint Special Operations University

Dr. Lenore Peters Gant

National Security Executive Senior Advisor - Research Administrator

Howard University School of Business

Dr. Jeffrey Helsing

Former Head of Education & Training

U.S. Institute for Peace

Mr. Jim Judge


Volusia County Emergency Management Division

Mr. Lee Kair

Principal Advisor

Chertoff Think Tank

Ms. Vicki Leignadier

Executive Director

Remembering Vets

Mr. Casey O'Brien

Executive Director & Principal Investigator

National Cyber Watch Center

Dr. Chris Piehota

Exec. VP of Business Development & Operations

Lower's Risk Group

Dr. Julian Richards

MA Graduate Programme Director

Centre for Security & Intel Studies, University of Buckingham

Dr. Ike WIlson III


Joint Special Operations University

Mr. Ramy Yaacoub

Executive Director

Tahir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP)


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Department of Security Studies and International Affairs