Embry-Riddle’s Bachelor of Science in Communication program effectively prepares students for careers as professional communicators, often within the aviation and aerospace industries. ERAU Communication students are unique in that they enter the workforce armed not only with communication skills such as writing, public speaking, and digital/social media proficiency, but a foundation in science, aviation and aerospace.

Our students have gone on to work as journalists; as communication specialists at NASA, Boeing, Southwest Airlines, and Delta Air Lines; and as public relations and public affairs specialists in a variety of industries and governmental organizations. The degree also works well for students interested in pursuing a law degree or entering the military.  

Integral to the students’ career preparation is a required internship, where students gain experience and a deeper understanding of what to expect in the workplace. Students have interned with a variety of companies in the aviation and aerospace industries, the White House and other governmental organizations, TV stations, newspapers, magazines, and local businesses, such as Daytona International Speedway. These positions have often led — directly or indirectly — to full-time positions at these organizations.

Because of these opportunities, as well as the program’s combined foundation of communication skills and industry knowledge, our students enjoy fulfilling careers as professional communicators across the private and public sectors.

Interdisciplinary Studies

The B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies program effectively prepares graduates for the 21st-century work environment, which is characterized by rapid change, global competition, cross-disciplinary teams, and flatter organizational hierarchies.

Our students learn to remain flexible and make creative connections among various fields of study. This flexibility and the “self-design” component of the IS program enable students to secure undergraduate internship and cooperative education experiences and to pursue post-graduation careers in a wide variety of aviation, aerospace, business, and related fields. The program also provides a strong foundation for those who plan to enter the military or to pursue a graduate or law degree.

Students have interned with airlines, airports, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, aerospace corporations, news agencies, and research organizations. In nearly every case, their supervisors noted that they would have hired the student if a regular position were available. Because of these opportunities, our graduates are now shaping policy and defining the future of various fields, including aerospace, technology, defense, and law. 


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