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Along with delivering a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, a Bachelor of Science in Communication, as well as minors in Arabic StudiesCommunication and Broadcast Media, and Humanities, the Department of Humanities and Communication offers a full spectrum of courses in communication, philosophy, ethics and other areas that enhance the technical skills students develop elsewhere on campus.

The Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies is a flexible degree program that allows students to design their own course of study by choosing from three minors that are in some way synergistic. Students can choose from areas of specialization like Flight, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Weather, Space Studies, Humanities, and Psychology.

The Communication program is geared toward Embry-Riddle’s strength: science and technology. Students become familiar with the language of that niche through courses that are designed to help them understand the science and then present it so that the audience understands what it means and how it applies to their lives.

As is almost universal at ERAU, the programs help students develop an understanding of real-life applications through cooperative experiences or internships. For example, communication students learn through internships what the marketplace needs from communication professionals.

The department provides the bulk of general education classes students need for degrees in other departments. Engineers, scientists, managers, and aviators need to be able to effectively communicate, and they learn to do that through courses in composition and speech. With a writing lab and the availability of cutting-edge communications technology, students learn to get their ideas across to others.

The Humanities and Communication Department also delivers classes that help students connect with the full range of human experience. These courses give students a way to see the world in different ways, and to graduate not only as well-trained professionals, but as well-rounded individuals.

* Information about these combined bachelor's-to-master's degree programs are on the bachelor's degree pages

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