Research at Embry-Riddle Daytona Beach

Embry-Riddle is dedicated to providing applied research solutions to the challenges facing our nation’s aerospace, aviation, and related industries. While rooted in aviation, research at our Daytona Beach Campus has expanded to include a diverse range of areas, including engineering, cyber and homeland security, human factors, modeling and simulation, and business.

The same technologies and expertise our faculty have developed and applied to aerospace and aviation related research, we now apply directly to other areas — space systems, high-performance vehicles, unmanned and autonomous systems, robotics, alternative and sustainable energy, medical human factors, commercial space operations, and more.


We are expanding our partnerships with industry, and, to that end, we are developing the Aerospace Research and Technology Park adjacent to the ERAU campus. Supported by our new generation of research centers and laboratories, this park will not only foster research growth on campus, but it will also provide an ideal setting for cross-fertilization and innovation between the campus and our industry partners.

In addition to this research park, Embry-Riddle manages the FAA NextGen Florida Test Bed, where technology is being developed that will support the nation’s expanding air transportation needs into the rest of this century. Research at the Test Bed will contribute to reducing fuel consumption and associated emissions, improving situational awareness for pilots, and providing safer and more efficient passenger service.

As our campus continues to grow, research by our nationally respected faculty — in partnership with industry — will expand the boundaries of current technologies and add to the body of our disciplinary knowledge to enable us to continue focusing on solving tomorrow’s challenges today.


Current Labs

Current Centers & Labs

The Daytona Beach Campus is already a world-renowned force in higher-education research with its current facilities.
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Planned Centers & Labs

ERAU Daytona Beach is committed to expanding its research capabilities by leaps and bounds, including two state-of-the-art facilities that are in development.

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Signature Areas of Research

Signature Areas of Research

Our four academic colleges show off the uniqueness and aptitude of their faculty and staff through their respective top-level research interests

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