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We are closely monitoring all health and travel advisories related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please see our Coronavirus updates page for more information.

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Wellness Services

The confidentiality of all communications — whether written or oral — will be respected. However, exceptions may be necessary for legal requirements or in cases of medical emergency.


Women’s Health issues and contraceptive discussion/prescriptions are available by appointment. Depo Provera injections will be administered if students furnish their own supply, with their physician’s written order, and a PAP smear report that is “normal” within the last 12 months.


Health Services provides routine treatment and care to employees, faculty, and staff of the Daytona Beach and Worldwide Campuses. Dependents (spouse and/or children ages 6 and older) are also eligible, if they are covered under the employee's ERAU health insurance coverage plan.

There will be a charge of $15 per office visit that will be assessed to your payroll account.

Walk-in visits are seen on a first-come/first-served basis. Appointments can be made by calling 386-226-7917

The medical staff will consider maintenance prescription renewal if the student provides the following on their personal physician’s letterhead:

  • Diagnosis
  • Date of diagnosis
  • Medication(s) and dosage(s)
  • Date of last prescription written by the physician
No, Health Services does not issue excuses. 

Students are responsible for discussing absences and late assignments with their instructors. Faculty may request oral verification of a student’s visit if the student completes an Absence Verification Form with the Dean of Students. Diagnoses are never released/discussed.


All students are required to provide written, physician-certified evidence of two MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) immunizations given on or after their first birthday, as well as proof of immunizations against hepatitis B and meningitis.

Florida state law requires students who live in University-managed housing to provide written, physician-certified documentation for the hepatitis B series (three doses) and meningococcal meningitis (single dose) or sign a waiver to decline those immunizations.

ERAU encourages all students to become immunized for their safety.

Your high school — or another college or university  — will likely have this information on file.

Alternatively, you may take a blood test that will indicate your immunities to the diseases. You may attach a laboratory report for positive antibody titers to the Medical Report form in lieu of documenting immunizations.

You can request copies of your existing records by either visiting our office at Building 500 in The Wellness Center (located across the parking lot from Doolittle Hall) or by completing the Records Release form and returning it via mail, fax, or email. Please note your signature will need to be notarized to release your information.

Yes, tuberculosis testing is required for international students enrolling from TB endemic areas.

The test needs to be done within three (3) months of sending your information. Students with positive results will be referred for a chest X-ray and additional care, if medically necessary. 

Emergency Services

If you are in need of emergency medical care, please call Campus Safety at 386-226-6480 or call 911. Halifax Hospital Medical Center is less than half a mile from campus. Charges will apply

On campus, call extension 66480 or 386-226-6480 to contact the Safety Department. After hours, notify your RA (Resident Advisor) and/or Campus Safety

Halifax Medical Center: 386-254-4000

How can I locate an FAA medical examiner?

Flight students wishing to medically ground must first contact their flight instructor AND may come to Health Services, or do so electronically and submit a query before your activity start time. Phone calls to Health Services are not applicable to ground or unground from flights. 

This is accessible in ETA under the “Links” icon. 

(Links > Request For > Ground > Ground Type > Medical Check Statement of Understanding and submit query) 

Information will be electronically stamped for the date and time of submission. You, the Flight Department and Health Services will receive an email confirmation of the medical ground. You will be required to go to Health Services during business hours to support your flight ground. If Health Services is closed or if you are not well enough to come in, you must then be seen on the next business day to avoid a “no show.”

To become un-grounded (minimum of 24 hours from initial request), you must return to Health Services to be seen and evaluated. A nurse will document your release time in ETA.

For questions regarding the policy for flight groundings, please email

There has been concern and media attention regarding the consequences of substance abuse on college campuses across the nation. Most persons are aware of the dire effects that alcohol and drugs can have on one’s health and safety.

Embry-Riddle students should also be aware that the consequences of substance abuse include irrevocable adverse effects on a career in the aviation/aerospace industry.

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