The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) Graduate Assistant serves as our Student Analytics and Outreach Manager. This individual manages student records and supports the office by collecting and analyzing various data points while also arranging and distributing social media and office information postings. The Student Analytics and Outreach Manager develops and maintains the department’s student database; runs reports and conducts basic data analytics; coordinates with key offices and stakeholders to collect data on the student experience, participation in various programs and post-graduation status; and provides support for OUR Peer Mentors.

They also support the Office of Undergraduate Research with special events (e.g., Discovery Day) by creating social media posts, flyers and other media formats; distributing OUR outreach information to key locations and offices; logging and recording the timing of events; posting dates and distribution information; and assisting with the running of the monthly office newsletter and giveaway events.




Sophia Gustely

College of Business

Aerospace Business Analytics

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