Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows

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SURF Ethan Hale presenting with Dr. Ashley Lear at Science Fiction Research Association
2020 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows

Title: Development of Silymarin pH sensitive complex for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
SURF: Amelia Hartnett 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Foram Madiyar

Title: Environmental Impacts of the Space Industry on Earth’s Atmosphere
SURF: Brittney Marzen
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mihhail Berezovski           

Title: Study on Whether a Student’s Race and Gender Affects Completion of College Degree
SURF: Eugene Kim
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jorge Diaz Albelo

Title: Laser Electrospray Printing for Manufacturing Flexible Microelectronics
SURF: Grace Cass
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Vikas Sudesh

Title: Biodegradable Natural Autonomic-Regenerative Polymer for Drug Delivery
SURF: John Veracka
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Foram Madiyar

Title: Analyzing the Effectiveness of Fiberglass Structures for CubeSats
SURF: Payton Boliek 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ilteris Demirkiran 

Title: Willow Kelly
SURF: Child Soldiering as Cultural Genocide: The Case Of Sierra Leone

Faculty Mentor: Dr. E. H. H. Murray

Title: Shocks and Solitons in the Solar Wind
SURF: Jack Mcdonald
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Reynolds, Anthony

Title: Inspection of Flexible Fillers in Post Tensioned Members
SURF: Carley Gonzalez
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeff Brown

Title: Inspection of Flexible Filler Tendons for Post Tensioned Reinforcement
SURF: Denis McDonald 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeff Brown

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