The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) at Daytona Beach campus invests in faculty through a variety of grants, services and programs. Through our experience, research and faculty guidance, our center has developed signature programs in support of teaching excellence and student success.

Short Courses

Our popular short course program brings together faculty from across campus to discuss teaching and learning topics that are likely to improve student learning. Short courses typically span four weeks during the semester and combine workshop sessions, classroom application and activity assessment. Typically, participants take advantage of our competitive grants programs to deepen their knowledge of the short course topics or extend the impact of their intervention. We have included Short Course topics on Self-Regulated Learning, Growth Mindset, Formative Student Assessment, Blended Learning, Dynamic Lecturing and Critical Thinking.

Teaching Partners

While student evaluations provide a snapshot of feedback for faculty, we believe that successful teachers regularly seek feedback from other sources, including their peers. Our Teaching Partners program, in its fifth year, asks teachers to collaborate to observe and reflect on one another's teaching. Applicants collaborate with a faculty partner and a CTLE associate director in small review groups. Groups will record the class meetings of each member, review the recording digitally using Canvas Studio technology and provide feedback to one another through an online commenting system. A structured debrief follows for both teaching partners.

Learn more about our Teaching Partners program.

Pivotal Pedagogy 

When asked to provide guidance on pedagogical solutions for an uncertain semester of teaching due to COVID, CTLE looked beyond short-term solutions and developed a comprehensive change-framework, building long-term capacity for administration and faculty to pivot successfully as needed. Pivotal Pedagogy is an online seminar that encourages faculty to identify core teaching principles, plan and prioritize transparent communications, build robust online materials to facilitate seamless transitions between modalities, and prioritize student needs when designing policies, activities and content.

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