The following is a list of some of the types of crime prevention services available for students and employees year round.  

Safety Escorts/Night Flight

Safety escort services are available on campus for everyone, especially at night. Call 386-226-6480. 

Locked Out?

Access will be given to facilities for those individuals who are properly authorized. If a resident of a University-managed housing facility is locked out of their room, they should first seek assistance from a member of the Housing & Residence Life staff. If they are not available, Campus Safety & Security personnel will be happy to assist.

Safe Off-Campus Housing Advice

An informative brochure on how to select safe off-campus housing, a questionnaire and a brochure are available at the Campus Safety & Security office.

Motorist Assistance

Safety Officers will assist with jump-starts and flat tire inflation. Please call 386-226-6480 to speak with a Campus Safety Dispatcher.

Special Events

The Campus Safety & Security Department will provide and/or coordinate security for special events on University property.

"Operation ID"

Engravers and personal registration cards are available at Campus Safety & Security Administration office, Mod 3, building 175 for students to mark personal items and log serial numbers for their private records.

Project GradeSaver

Decals, inventory cards and instructions are available in the Campus Safety & Security Administration Office, Mod 3, building 175 to aid in theft prevention and recovery of textbooks.

Bike Registration

Bicycles must be registered. This helps protect your property by identifying you as the owner in the case of a theft or attempted theft.  Go online to the Daytona Beach Online Parking Registration page to register your bicycle — it's free! This will aid in theft prevention and recovery.


High-security bike and motorcycle locks may be leased for an indefinite period of time from the Communications Center, Student Union, room 115. When used properly, these locks offer much more protections against theft than ordinary chain or cable locks.  When the lock and key are returned in working condition, the full deposit will be refunded.


If you have a special need or concern that you would like to have addressed on topics of safety or security, the Campus Safety & Security Department may be able to provide or assist with arranging for a speaker.

Referral Service

If the Campus Safety & Security Department cannot provide a service, you will be referred to individuals, University departments or agencies that can.

Helpful Information

Your personal safety is important to us. You can always stop by our office in Mod 3, building 175 and speak confidentially to an officer or Director during normal business hours Monday – Friday 0700-1700.  After hours you can reach Campus Safety & Security by calling 386-226-6480 or 386-226-SAFE (7233) for any emergency.

On-Campus Numbers

  • Campus Safety & Security Department
  • Emergency
    386-226-7233 (SAFE)
  • Health Services
  • Counseling Center
  • Dean of Students

Off-Campus Numbers

The following phone numbers must be preceded by a “9” when using a campus phone.

  • Daytona Beach Fire Department
  • EVAC Ambulance
  • Daytona Beach Police (non-emergency)
  • Police Emergency
  • Halifax Medical Center Emergency Department