About Parking on Campus

With a few exceptions (e.g., 40-year employees and other designated reserved spaces), decals do not guarantee the availability of a parking space but grants the privilege of parking in specified areas when space is available.

While most parking spots close to academic buildings are usually occupied by mid-morning, remember that unoccupied general parking spots (yellow/green/blue signage) can usually still be found across Clyde Morris Blvd. in the following lots throughout the day:

  • Harrier Lot – Across from the Eagle Alumni Center
  • Atlantis Lots – Near softball field and Athletic Services
  • Defender & Earhart Lots

Only residential students can park in the Gemini Lot (purple & white decal). That is because this is a highly secure lot after-hours and on holidays. It has an electronic gate with card reader access after-hours. The other satellite lot, located south of MicaPlex Research Park, is available to any commuter student (yellow decal). Shuttle service is available.

There are two satellite lots located at Clyde Morris Blvd. and Bellevue Ave. Gemini Lot is purple and white decal, available to any residential student, and MicaPlex south is a yellow decal, available to any commuter students.

Both of the satellite lots are serviced by the SGA shuttle. Commuter students are strongly encouraged to arrive early to allow for ample time to find parking and arrive at your destination on time. If you are a commuter student, consideration should be given to riding a shuttle into campus.

Please refer to the SGA for the most up-to-date shuttle information.

Yes, the satellite lots are $125 versus $225 for a regular campus surface lot permit. If you’d like to obtain a satellite permit, simply go to the Campus Safety office inside the Mori Hosseini Student Union (next to Chick-Fil-A) to receive one.

It is expected to open in November 2022.

Yes. You can get on the wait list by sending an email to Daytona.Safety.Request@erau.edu indicating your desire to be placed on the garage wait list. You will be contacted if a space becomes available.

Permit pricing is based on three primary reasons:

  1. Ordinary Inflation: The cost of maintaining and improving the parking/road infrastructure that we currently have continues to increase.
  2. Current Gaps: The amount we bring in doesn’t really cover what we spend; the permit fee (charged to students, employees and contractors) ensures we try to fairly spread these costs against those who use them.
  3. New Initiatives and Future Needs: We continue to look for new solutions to help make parking more convenient (e.g., the new commuter parking lot at MicaPlex south, Gemini lot across from MicaPlex offered to residential students, as well as a new parking garage). These initiatives come with a cost.

Benchmarking shows that our prices are consistent with and even lower in many cases than other universities.

Each person that pre-purchased a garage decal needs to still go to the Campus Safety office inside the Mori Hosseini Student Union to pick up their temporary hang-tag and obtain their specific garage assigned space. The hang-tag will allow you to park on campus until the garage opens. Place the garage decal on your vehicle now and use the hang-tag. You will still need to park in the designated color lot for your hang-tag.

No. Each garage decal is assigned to one space. That space is reserved 24/7 for one year for the specified vehicle with the parking garage decal.

If you receive a parking ticket and you feel you were legally parked according to your permit and posted signage, or if there were extenuating circumstances, you may appeal the ticket in writing by following these instructions.

Employees can electronically file an appeal by going to the Campus Safety & Security page on ERNIE and clicking "Online Employee Appeals" under "Parking Info." Employee appeals will be reviewed by the DB Campus Parking & Traffic Committee.

Please note that no appeals will be accepted for citations inside the garage, as these are reserved spaces or enforced through a mobile pay app for the timed spaces.

The Dean of Students Office only verifies the legitimacy of a student’s absence, and the reasons are generally tied to medical emergencies, military orders, funerals or other emergencies. Parking is not a reason they would verify as an absence. Ultimately, excuses are given at the professor’s discretion. The student should speak directly with the faculty member.

Yes! The SGA provides a shuttle to and from the satellite lots beginning at 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (click here for a specific schedule for route times). They also service other locations. Please refer to the SGA for the specific routes.

All of the parking lots, including the satellite lots, are frequently patrolled by Campus Safety & Security officers. Additionally, the Gemini Lot, available to any residential student to park their vehicles, features an electronic gate surrounded by a fence. The gate is secured after-hours and on holidays. Students assigned to this lot will be granted card reader access 24/7.

Additionally, after-hours safety escort is also available by contacting Campus Safety at 386-226-6480.

Yes. EV charging stations will be available inside the garage on the first level. A charge will apply through the mobile pay app for the space. The other locations are still available for your charging needs at the Welcome Center (six spaces), next to College of Aviation, Discovery lot (three spaces) and near the Richard Petty Blvd. bridge Challenger lot (four spaces) for those operating electric or hybrid vehicles. We ask you to consider your fellow students and colleagues by not leaving your vehicle parked in these spaces all day. Charge Point will send a text when your vehicle is fully charged.

We realize you may be in class during that time, so we are allowing a grace period of two hours* beyond your charging time for you to move your vehicle to another spot to allow others to charge.

* Not applicable to the EV spaces inside the garage since those spaces are charged via the mobile pay app.

The University has many handicap spaces throughout the campus. If there are no handicap spaces near your building available, you may park in any space, despite lot color, by displaying your handicap placard or license plate. If you are a student or employee, you are also required to have a valid parking permit.

If you have a temporary medical condition, you can go to Health Services and receive authorization for a temporary medical parking permit. If authorized, bring it to Campus Safety and we will issue the Temporary Medical Permit. This will allow you to park in any available closest spot, despite lot color, to your building.

If you are a visitor to campus, you can obtain a Visitor Pass at Henderson Welcome Center or either of the Campus Safety offices located at the Mori Hosseini Student Union or at Mod 3 next to New Residence Hall – 1.

No. Visitor spaces should never be used by students or employees. They are reserved for University visitors only.

Deliveries of purchases made on behalf of the University must be delivered directly to Central Receiving. Water, office supplies, coffee and Flight Operations materials can be delivered directly to the department.

No. As a parking garage permit holder you are only permitted to park your vehicle in your assigned garage space. Also, your decal does not permit you to park in any other areas inside the parking garage.

We ask that you pull forward into the space, even if your decal is on the front windshield due to type of vehicle you drive. This is required so that our enforcement vehicle will be able to read your license plate.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation! If you have any questions after reviewing these FAQs, please contact us at Daytona.Safety.Request@erau.edu.

On-Campus Numbers

  • Campus Safety & Security Department
  • Emergency
    386-226-7233 (SAFE)
  • Health Services
  • Counseling Center
  • Dean of Students

Off-Campus Numbers

The following phone numbers must be preceded by a “9” when using a campus phone.

  • Daytona Beach Fire Department
  • EVAC Ambulance
  • Daytona Beach Police (non-emergency)
  • Police Emergency
  • Halifax Medical Center Emergency Department