Parents and Family

The college experience impacts every student, and it is likely to alter family dynamics as well. There may be times when parents and family members feel anxious, frustrated, or challenged by events in a student’s life. Sometimes, these events may involve the student’s health or well-being.

Student Support

A student may benefit from counseling if he or she experiences:

  • An overwhelming and possibly prolonged sense of sadness and helplessness
  • Emotional difficulties that make it hard for them to function day-to-day or affect academic performance
  • Actions that harm themselves or others
  • Distress about confronting family members or close friends
  • Just needing someone to talk with

What if your student is reluctant to visit the Counseling Center?

Entering counseling is a personal choice, although information and encouragement may benefit students who are unsure. The following points may help:

  • Information shared during counseling is confidential
  • Just as it is common to visit a doctor when one has a medical problem, there should be no shame in meeting with a counselor to discuss a personal issue or concern
  • A student can meet with a counselor for one session without committing to ongoing counseling
  • Suggest the student visit the Counseling Center's ERNIE site to learn more about the services offered


Student Confidentiality and Privacy

All counseling contacts are strictly confidential in accordance with Florida state privacy laws. Counseling records are not available to anyone, either on or off campus, without the student's specific written permission. The only time confidentiality will be broken is in the case of a life threatening situation when a student is at risk of harming him or herself or someone else, or when there is reason to believe a child, elderly person, or disabled person is being abused. Confidentiality may also be broken if a court order mandates that records be released or if the university mandates disclosure in response to a lawsuit. Counseling records are not kept as part of a student's academic or administrative records, but will be retained in the Counseling Center for seven (7) years after the last counseling contact with the department.

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24-Hour Emergency Assistance

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