The Engine Repair Station is a unique experience for students in the ERAU AMS degree program. This FAA certificated facility has been a part of the power plant curriculum since its establishment by Chandler Titus in 1956.

The 3,000-square-foot shop supports the AMS 375 Repair Station Operations course. During this course, students spend a semester in the repair station performing overhauls on airworthy engines. Additionally, students gain knowledge about the full scope of requirements to work in an FAA certificated Part 145 repair station. The repair station is staffed by highly experienced Repair Station Manager, Chief Inspector, Repair Station Technician and student employees who are hired by the repair station.

The repair station consists of a 1,900-square-foot shop work area where the majority of the engine overhaul work is performed. In addition, there is a machine shop, cylinder shop, abrasive cleaning room, chemical cleaning room and paint booth room.


  • 3 Ruger Model 50 Engine Hoists
  • 2 Engine Test Stands (In House Fabricated)
  • 2 Metal Ground Adjustable Test Prop (Hartzell)
  • 3 Wood Fixed Pitch Test Props (Sensenich)
  • Magnaflux Unit A/C Model DRC523
  • 2 Black Lights (Magnaflux M/N ZB23A)
  • Smithy 3-in-1 Machine Tool (Granite 1324)
  • Jet Lathe Model BD-920N
  • Southbend Lathe Catalog #117
  • Armature Lathe (Trucut M/N B10)
  • Magneto Test Stand (In House Fabricated)
  • Crumbles Alt/Starter/Gen Tester (Crumbliss 2155)
  • 2 Bench Grinders (Dayton 4Z672F)
  • 2 Valve Stone Driver (Kwik-Way SG-LX)
  • Valve Grinder (Sioux 2075HP)
  • Valve Stone Dressing Tool (Sioux Cat# 1772)
  • Aqueous Parts Washer (Ranger RS-500)
  • Battery Charger (Dayton M/N 3LE81N)
  • Greenerd Arbor Press (No3)
  • Atlas Mandrel Press (No3 A1)
  • Hole Turret Punch (Rotex M/N 18A52)
  • Cylinder Hone Bench (In House Fabricated)
  • Commercial Oven (Vulcan M/N VC4ED)
  • Gram Balance Scale (OHAUS M/N 1119)
  • Valve Spring Tension Tester (Rimac M/N 0067)
  • Media Blast Cabinet (Clemco M/N ACDFM)
  • Media Blast Cabinet (Empire M/N 2636)
  • Blast cabinet Dust Collector (Empire M/N DCM80A)
  • Stainless Steel Emersion Tank (In House Fabricated)
  • Parts Washer (Safety-Kleen Model 81)
  • Recyclable Parts Washer (Safety-Kleen Model 250)
  • Paint Booth (Spray Systems M/N I585)
  • Spark Plug Cleaner/Tester (ATS M/N SPCT-100)
  • Torque Analyzer Ft/Lb (Snap-On M/N TUR50)
  • Torque Analyzer In/Lb (Snap-On M/N TTUR12)
  • Capacitor Tester (Bendix AM-79)
  • Alternator Diode Tester (Miller M/N C-3829)
  • Multimeter (Simpson M/N 260)
  • Multimeter (Triplett M/N 666-R))
  • Multimeter (Fluke 87V)
  • Megger (MIT 420/2)
  • Exhaust Port Refacing Tool (Aero Grinder)
  • 5 Fowler 1" - 6" Micrometer Sets
  • Sunnen Bore Gauge with Setting Fixture (GR3000)
  • Sunnen Con Rod Alignment Inspection Tool
  • Starrett Dial Runout Indicator with Holding Fixture
  • 2 CDI Dial Ft/Lb Torque Wrenches
  • Shunt Ammeter (Mag-Pie M/N NPT-2520)

Lab Information

Location: Emil Buehler Aviation Maintenance Science Building 111

Lab Directors: Chris Spahn and Josh Cooper

Contact: To speak to someone about this lab or any of our facilities, call us at 386-226-6100 or 800-862-2416, or email