Testing is performed on the structures and components typically found in aircraft and spacecraft using the specialized equipment located in the Structures Laboratory.

Standard tests performed in the laboratory include uniaxial tension/compression, bending, fatigue, vibration, ultrasonic, and acoustic emission non-destructive testing, as well as structural health monitoring. 


  • Specialized truss structures, which are typical of wings and fuselages, can be mounted on a large frame and are subjected to loads applied by a hydraulic ram
  • 10,000-pound MTS tension test machine with digital and analog strain indicators to record measurements from strain gages
  • Several National Instruments data acquisition products in conjunction with LabVIEW software
  • Agilent signal analyzer
  • Multichannel Agilent oscilloscope
  • Dual-channel handheld acoustic emission device
  • Inspectravision real-time X-Ray radiography machine
  • Polytec laser vibrometer
  • Chatillon digital force tester

Lab Information

Location: MicaPlex, Room 113

Lab Director: Dae Won Kim

Contact Us: To speak to someone about this lab or any of our facilities, call us at 386-226-6100 or 800-862-2416; Email Daytona Aviation Labs at dbdeanga@erau.edu.