The cutting-edge Waves Lab will allow the Embry-Riddle community to perform research in fluid dynamics with special focus in physical oceanography, nonlinear waves, rogue waves, tsunami, rip currents, bathymetry, interaction between ocean waves and ice floes in the Arctic regions, macro-algae and sediment transport, etc.

The Lab, housed in the College of Arts & Sciences 301.38, has a 4,000-gallon wave tank with computer-controlled wave makers, closed circuit water current and wave data acquisition systems.

Current Projects

  • Nonlinear waves, solitons
  • Water structure interaction
  • Transport of macro-algae and sediments
  • Waves over bathymetry

Equipment List

  • Wave tank 12m x 1m x 1m open top, optical acrylic walls.
  • Computer controlled wave maker Automation Direct and National Instruments/Kollmorgen.
  • 6 water pumps each 7 HP for water current up to 3 m/s.
  • Highspeed video and photography up to 1,000 fps
  • Wave height gauges
  • Lasers and PIV wave measurement
  • Stereo-photogrammetry system cameras.
  • Air compressor 150 L at 190 PSI

Lab Information

Location: COAS Bldg 419, Room 301.38

Contact Us: To speak about this Lab email Dr. Andrei Ludu at or call us at 386-226-6707.