The long-term goal of the current work in the lab is to develop a spacecraft that could be self-sufficient and support research experiments on the moon, Mars and beyond.

Another team is working to develop a robotic arm for the spacecraft that could collect samples from the surface of a planet or asteroid. 

Research in this lab deals with concepts such as: Spacecraft Control, Autonomous Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Vision System Integration for AI Navigation, Robotic Systems for Space Technology, Small Spacecraft Propulsion, Autonomous Weather Balloons, and Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.


  • 2 Makerbot Replicators 2X and FormLabs 3D Printers
  • Drill Press
  • High Pressure Test Chamber
  • Full VR/AR Setup with Powerful Computer 
  • Smart Computer
  • 8 Computer stations
  • Motion Capture Cameras
  • Space Instrumentation
  • Thruster Test Stand
  • TV
  • Pressurized gas tanks
  • Chemical flame retardant cabinet
  • Gravity Offloading System
  • 2 VR Oculus Rift Headsets and& 1 HDK VR Headset
  • GPU Space Computer
  • Electronics: Arduinos, PixHacks
  • Quadcopters

Lab Information

Location: COAS 123.1/123.2

Lab Director: Dr. Sergey Drakunov

Vice Director: Dr. Patrick Currier

Student Team Supervisor: Kyle Fox

NASA Lab Mentor: Michael DuPuis

Industrial Sponsor: Jay D'Amico

Contact Us: To speak to someone about this lab or any of our facilities, call us at 386-226-6100 or 800-862-2416, or email