The Diffuse Emission from Astrophysical Plasmas (DEAP) Lab is used to design, build and test the next-generation of wide-field spectrometers to be used on astronomical facilities.

The lab also serves as a remote observation station for a current-generation astronomical facility deployed in Chile and provides astrophysics and instrument research opportunities for students.

The instruments the lab develops allow us to study very faint, diffuse optical light that is emitted from interstellar gas in the Milky Way and other nearby galaxies helping to map out large regions of the sky to explore how energy travels from various potential sources such as stars and supernovas to ionize gas. 

Lab Information

Location: COAS 408

Lab Director: L. Matthew Haffner

Contact Us: To speak to someone about this lab or any of our facilities, call us at 386-226-6100 or 800-862-2416, or email