The Anatomy and Physiology Lab serves to support upper level biology courses such as Anatomy and Physiology and Behavioral Neuroscience.

The lab features research and laboratory grade equipment for collection and analysis of human electrophysiological measures including ECG, EEG, EMG and more.  It also houses several specimens for dissection including preserved cats, fetal pigs, and various bovine and ovine organs.

The recourses in this lab allow students to gain practical and hands on experience studying much of the same data they are likely to encounter in their careers after graduation.


  • 2 Fume Hoods
  • 6 ADInstrument Power Lab units
  • 5 Laptops
  • 2 Desktop Computers
  • 1 Projector
  • 1 Hematocrit Centrifuge
  • 1 Stationary Bike
  • 3 Hot Plates
  • 1 Refrigerator
  • 5 Wet Spirometers
  • Variety of supplies including dissection kits, blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes, glassware, blood typing kits, and histological slides


Lab Information