Aerospace Physiology Lab

The Aerospace Physiology Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation in human physiology and biochemistry as well as neurobiology to train students in an experiential learning environment.

Students can conduct research in a variety of topics such as hypoxia, acceleration, spatial disorientation, motion sickness and space adaptation.

In addition to supporting classes like Aerospace Physiology, Extreme Environments, Biopsychology and Sensation and Perception, the lab also works with faculty who have funding or an interest in aerospace physiology.


  • Electrophysiological devices to measure heart or brain activity as well as skeletal muscle, gastric motility, grip strength, pulse pressure and evoked potentials
  • Oximeters to measure pulse and oxygen saturation
  • Pressure pads to measure postural sway
  • Ambulatory monitors
  • Cycle ergometer
  • Treadmill
  • Optokinetic nystagmus OKN drum
  • Virtual reality version of the OKN drum
  • Activity monitors for sleep research

Lab Information

Lab Director: Dr. Jon French