Students in the Astronomy & Astrophysics, Engineering Physics, and Space Physics programs work on experiments and projects in the Advanced Physics Lab as part of their coursework in several upper level courses.

Some students might also use the space and equipment for special topics or independent studies.

The two different rooms for this lab are setup primarily as optical dark rooms allowing experiments to be conducted under total darkness or various controlled special lighting conditions.

Experiments provide students with hands-on learning to practice solving problems, analyzing real data, and reporting on their work. Students learn to apply physical principles to real world physical systems and engineering and testing applications.


  • 2 Tel-X-Ometer X-ray System
  • Laser Fiber Optics Kit
  • High Sensitivity Light Sensor
  • 7 Composite Optical Breadboard Table
  • Intermediate Spectrometer
  • Various Spectrum Tubes and Power Supplies (H, He, Na, Ne, Hg, Ar)
  • Dell Optiplex 7050 PC w/ U2417H monitor
  • Pasco 850 Universal Interface

Lab Information

Location: COAS 218.2, 218.3

Lab Directors: Bereket Berhane and Don Schumacher

Contact Us: To speak to someone about this lab or any of our facilities, call us at 386-226-6100 or 800-862-2416, or email