CRJ-200 Regional Jet Full Flight Simulators

We believe that to fly like a professional, you must train like a professional. As the capstone course for the Embry-Riddle Airline Specialty track of our Aeronautical Science degree program, the FAA Level-D CRJ-200 full-motion simulator is the same one used by leading regional airlines.

Embry-Riddle Daytona Beach is the only university in the U.S. that has a Flight Safety International FAA Level-D CRJ-200 full-motion Full-Flight Simulator (FFS) available to its students. The CRJ-200 FFS is supported by hydraulic actuators, providing six degrees of motion.

Upper-level students in the Airline Track of our Aeronautical Science degree program will use the CRJ-200 FFS to familiarize themselves with this popular aircraft type, as well as to develop the specialized skills and knowledge they will need to ultimately land that coveted “right seat” with a regional airline.

The Level D CRJ-200 full-motion simulator is specifically designed to meet that goal. It is the perfect environment for sharpening skills with crew resource management (CRM), electronic flight management systems, advanced aeronautical decision-making, and high-speed, high-altitude turbofan aircraft systems operation.

Along with six-axis motion, the CRJ-200 FFS also features an advanced, 180-degree Vital VIII Visual Image Generation System. This display system provides our professional pilot candidates with realistic, near-3D out-the-window visuals of a variety of airports and their surrounding environment. This level of realism allows students to experience regional jet operations at a variety of airports and weather conditions without ever leaving Daytona Beach.

Highlights of Embry-Riddle’s CRJ-200 Regional Jet FFS

  • FAA Level-D, full-motion
  • Hydraulic Control Loading
  • Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) and Engine-Indicating and Crew-Alerting System (EICAS) simulation
  • Flight Management System (FMS) simulation
  • Full CRJ cockpit system simulation
  • Vital VIII Visual Image Generation System
  • Digital Engine Sound Precise cockpit representation

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