Pre-Flight Checklist

U.S. Citizens

All new students must bring one of the following when attending New Student Orientation:

  • Original birth certificate with raised seal, documenting birth in the United States or one of its territories
  • Valid, unexpired U.S. passport and copy of birth certificate
  • Original U.S. naturalization certificate with raised seal (Form N-550 or Form N-570)
  • Original certification of birth abroad (Form FS-545 or Form DS-1350)
  • Original certificate of U.S. citizenship (Form N-560 or Form N-561)

A current government-issued photo I.D. (ex. driver's license, military ID) must also be presented along with all these documents except for the passport.

IMPORTANT: Due to FAA regulations, it is mandatory that you be able to produce a current government-issued photo I.D. showing your full legal name spelled out in its entirety.

Permanent Resident and International Students

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires registration of all international flight students. The Embry-Riddle International Student Services Office can answer questions and help with the process. Call 386-226-6579.

FAA Medical Certificates

You are required to bring at least one of the following when you attend New Student Orientation:

  • Current First-Class medical certificate
  • Current Second-Class medical certificate
  • All medical certificates must show your full legal name (U.S. citizens must match birth certificate / International students must match Passport)

A list of Aviation Medical Examiners who can perform this medical certification exam near you can be found at the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute website.

Students who are enrolling in FA121 must also have a Student Pilot Certificate. Students will have the opportunity to apply for a Student Pilot Certificate with one of Embry Riddle’s 141 Airmen Certificate Representatives on campus.

Cost of Flight Training/Financial Aid

Flight costs are not covered by your tuition payments. See our Flight Costs Frequently Asked Questions page for an cost estimate. You should contact the Financial Aid Department to discuss your financial options for flight training at 800-943-6279.

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Good to Go!

Once you have completed all the requirements listed above, you should be eligible to begin your flight training the first week of the semester at Daytona Beach.

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