Daytona Beach Campus

Embry-Riddle Network for Information Exchange (ERNIE)

Once you've been accepted to Embry-Riddle, you'll continue to access your ER@YOU page where you will be directed to specific areas in ERNIE.


What Does ERNIE Provide?

As an accepted student, you can use ERNIE to:

How to Access ERNIE

This service is only available to applied, accepted and current students.

  1. Visit ERNIE and click on the "New to ERAU? Register Your Account" link to get started.
  2. You'll navigate through screens that will prompt you to enter information about yourself. The best way to establish your account is to use your ERAU student identification number. You'll find your student I.D. on the letter we send you confirming your application has been received. Or you can call and ask us for it.
  3. Once your account is established, visit ERNIE to access your ERAU e-mail and other services.
  4. The Campus Solutions link is where you'll find information specific to your application and later, to course registration.
  5. Navigate to the Student Services tab at the top of the screen, then look for the Student Center under the Campus Solutions heading. You'll also see handy tutorials to assist you in using your Student Center.