Avionics Line Maintenance

a student works in an Avionics Line Maintenance lab

Avionics Line Maintenance Minor

This minor of study is available to all students currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree at the Daytona Beach campus. Pre-requisite is completing the FAA Part 147 Airframe and Powerplant certification courses. Credits apply toward a bachelor’s degree.

Why ALM?

Further your formal training and advance your career opportunities with our Avionics Line Maintenance (ALM) minor course of study. You’ll learn aircraft electronics (avionics) system installation, system specialization down to the block diagram, wiring concepts. Fiber optics terminal ending, antennae theory, aero IT, ADS-B trouble shooting and line troubleshooting of avionics systems. In addition, you will be preparing to test for your FCC (Federal Communications Commission) General Radiotelephone Operator License and the NCATT (National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies) Aircraft Electronics Technician certificate.

With experience maintaining avionics systems and certified technical skills to solve any problem on today’s advanced aircraft/spacecraft, you’ll be in demand. This is reflected in the higher salaries many companies are willing to offer Aviation Technicians with advanced avionics training and qualifications.

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