Civil Engineering Laboratories and Facilities

Administrative and Faculty Space

The department chair, administrative assistant, and faculty of the Civil Engineering Department are housed on the third floor of the Lehman Engineering and Technology Center in the 300 suite. The suite is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. on weekdays; all faculty maintain clearly posted office hours in this space.


All of the laboratories used by the Civil Engineering program are located in the Lehman Center. The labs used by Civil Engineering students are equipped with a whiteboard and an overhead projector. Some of them have overhead video projectors for computer-based presentations. The department's portable projectors are available for use by faculty and students for presentation purposes. More specific descriptions of each laboratory can be found below. 

  • Aquaponics Laboratory
    Technology and methods for the development of a sustainable food supply for use here on Earth and a future Mars colony are explored through the Aquaponics Laborator…
  • Civil Engineering Infrastructure Laboratory
    Facilities for applied research in civil transportation systems and structural health monitoring of civil infrastructure are housed in the Civil Engineering Infrastructure…
  • Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory
    A fully-equipped but relaxed atmosphere for Civil Engineering student projects, the Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory supports courses in Civil Engineering Materials,…
  • Multimodal Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory
    Transportation research into the safety, operations, design, planning, and maintenance issues involving our nation’s infrastructure, with an emphasis on airports, is…

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