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Here at the Office of Global Engagement, we are deeply passionate about helping students experience the world. Studying Abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only visit another country, but to truly experience its culture.

Before picking the right program for you, here are some highlights of studying abroad:

  • Opportunities around the globe
  • Summer, semester, or yearlong programs
  • Take courses that apply toward your major
  • Study in English or the native language
  • Join the Travelers Club to experience other cultures on campus
  • Don't be a tourist, live abroad

Summer Programs

These programs are planned directly by Embry-Riddle (ERAU) faculty, and typically last between 2-5 weeks during the summer. Some programs are specifically tailored toward a certain degree program, while others encompass all majors.

All of the courses are taught in English (except language courses), and at least one of the courses is taught by ERAU faculty. You will travel with a group of ERAU students, so you should feel right at home with your fellow Eagles.

Semester/Yearlong Programs

Is five weeks not long enough for you, or do you just want to study in another language? If this is the case, a semester or yearlong program is right for you.

In these programs, you will truly live the culture. You get to choose the university that suits you (out of our partners), as well as what courses you want to take.

If you're worried about speaking another language, don't worry — many of our partners teach in English. This is the true, full-blown study abroad experience.

Incoming Exchange

This is for international students interested in studying at Embry-Riddle. All of the required documents you need are listed on the site.


If cost is an issue for your dreams of studying abroad, check out our partial list of available scholarships.

Turning Your Study Abroad Experience into Career Gold

Visit Career Services to learn more about turning experiences into resume content.

Travelers Club

Want to get a taste of other cultures before you even leave the country?


The Office of Global Engagement's Travelers Club is filled with students from all over the world. We hold cultural events in a social atmosphere that typically have something to do with food.

For more information, check out the Eagles Abroad Facebook page. We post about students who are currently abroad, upcoming opportunities, as well as travel tips. You can also email us at


We are happy to assist students like you to embark on what is sure to be an incredible life experience you will never forget. Feel free to stop by Building 273, Suite 200 "The Hub", call, or send us an email at to set up an appointment.