College of Aviation

Aeronautical Science
The Aeronautical Science Degree is tailored towards developing professional airline, corporate and military aviation careers.
Applied Aviation Science
Applied Aviation Sciences offers five aviation-related degrees providing a broad-based education, emphasizing critical thinking and analytical skills.
Aviation Maintenance Science
Programs designed to prepare the next generation of Aviation Maintenance Professionals, including A & P certification and advanced avionics training.
Flight Department
FAA approved flight training that uses state of the art airplanes and flight training devices to prepare students for successful careers as professional pilots.
Doctoral Studies
The Ph.D. in Aviation is an online, research-based program designed to produce outstanding scholars for careers in research and teaching in aviation.

The College of Aviation (COA) is housed in six buildings located on the western edge of the campus near the flight line. These buildings are: (1) College of Aviation building, (2) Advanced Simulation Center, (3) Flight Operations Center, (4) Sam Goldman Fleet Maintenance Hangar, (5) Emil Buehler Aviation Maintenance Science (AMS) building and (6) the AMS hangar. The COA is organized into five academic departments. These departments are Aeronautical Science, Applied Aviation Sciences, Doctoral Studies, Aviation Maintenance Science and Flight Training. There are approximately 2,400 students enrolled in the 10-degree programs administered by the COA. The Aeronautical Science degree (Professional Pilot) has the largest enrollment of any similar undergraduate degree program in the nation.