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Estimated Costs: Fall 2013 – Spring 2014

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Fall 2013 - Spring 2014
Tuition and Fees*$31,344
Room and Board ** $9,550
Books (estimated) $1,400
Total, non-flight students***$42,294

Tuition & Fees *

Tuition reflects the block rate of $15,060 for 12 to 16 credit hours for the fall and spring semesters. The per-credit-hour rate is $1,255. Students will be required to carry University-sponsored health insurance unless a waiver is submitted and approved. The annual health insurance fee for the 2013 - 2014 academic year is $1,029 for domestic and  international students.

Tuition and fees are due ten days before the start of each semester.

Mandatory Fees include:

  • $100.00: SGA fee per semester
  • $132.00: Health Services fee per semester
  • $230.00: Technology fee per semester
  • $150.00: Facilities fee per semester

Total: $612 per semester or $1,224 for the academic year.

Room and Board **

Room and board estimates are based on the 757 Express meal plan which is required of first-year students at a cost of $1,975 per semester and housing in first-year residence hall at the rate of $2,800 per semester.

Students at the residential campuses should factor housing costs as part of the cost of attendance whether they live on  or off campus.

Freshmen and transfer students with 27 or fewer earned credit hours and those who are 21 years of age or younger are required to live in University-managed housing. 

Room & Board Costs

Flight Instruction ***

Estimated average annual flight costs vary. Unlike many other schools, Embry-Riddle's flight program is designed to allow students to earn their ratings in just three years. Flight students can estimate average annual costs for the first and second year at approximately $23,000 - $33,000 (depending on when the student engages in multi-engine training). The average cost for the third year of instruction is $10,000 - $15,000. Students are encouraged to monitor their flight training activities closely to manage costs and to take advantage of incentives offered by the University that can help offset flight expenses. Visit the Flight Department's Cost and Payments page for more information on flight costs

Health Insurance

Students will be required to carry University-sponsored health insurance unless a waiver is submitted and approved. Visit ERNIE for more information on health insurance.

Aviation Maintenance Science courses

Aviation Maintenance Science courses (courses with AMS prefix) are charged at a rate of $660 per credit hour. Visit the Aviation Maintenance Science program for more information about costs.

Additional Fees

Additional fees may apply to some students in some situations. For complete listing of fees, log into ERNIE.

About Estimated Costs

The estimated costs above are only an estimate and may not reflect all cost and expenses incurred while attending your respective campus. All amounts shown here or in other University publications or web pages represent tuition and fees as currently approved. However, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) reserves the right to increase or modify tuition and fees without prior notice, upon approval by the Board or as otherwise consistent with Board policy and to make such modifications applicable to students enrolled at ERAU at that time as well as to incoming students. In addition, all tuition amounts and fees are subject to change at any time for correction of errors. Finally, please note that fee amounts billed for any period may be adjusted at a future date.