Research Engineering and Applied Collaborations in Healthcare (REACH) Lab

The REACH Lab enhances medical systems by investigating a variety of patient safety issues in collaborations with clinical experts. We partner with professionals in academic and community medical settings, such as (e.g., Emergency Medical Services, Perioperative, Risk Management, and Pediatrics).

Utilizing sound theories and rigorous methodologies, we focus on enhancing existing work systems. Some of our work has focused on improving care transitions, enhancing teamwork within cancer care, mitigating medication errors, and accident investigation.

Recent Publications

  • Lynch, I., Roberts II, P.E., Keebler, J.R., Guttman, O., & Greilich, P.E. (2017). Error reporting and detection in the intensive care unit: Progress, barriers, and future direction. Current Anesthesiology Reports
  • Patzer, B., Lazzara, E. H., Keebler, J. R., Madi, M. H., Dwyer, P., Huckstadt, A. A., & Smith-Campbell, B. (2017). Predictors of nursing graduate school success.  Nursing Education, 38(5), 272-274. Wahr, J. A., Abernathy, J., Lazzara, E. H., Keebler, J. R., Clinton, M., Wall, M., Lynch, I., Stratman, R., Cooper, L. (2017). Medication safety in the operating room: Literature and expert-based recommendations. British Journal of Anesthesia, 118(1), 32-43. Keebler, J. R., Lazzara, E. H., Patzer, B. S., Smith, D. C., Plummer, J. P., Fouquet, S.,…Riss, R. (2016). Do handoff protocols work? A meta-analysis of the effects of handoff protocols on information passed, provider, patient, and organizational outcomes. Human Factors, 58(8), 1187-1205      
  • Lazzara, E. H., Palmer, E. M., Keebler, J. R., Smith, D. C., Patzer, B., Chan, Y. R.,…Kafka, M. (2016). Developing an empirically-based handoff protocol for pediatric hospitalists. Hospital Pediatrics, 6(12), 722-729
  • Lazzara, E. H., Keebler, J. R., Day, S., DiazGranados, D., Pan, M., King, M., & Tu, S. (2016). Understanding teamwork in the provision of cancer care: Highlighting the role of trust. Journal of Oncology Practice, 12(11), 1084-1090

Recent Presentations

  • Welsh, K.L., Lew, V., Tan, A., Fagerlund, A., Keebler, J.R., & Lazzara, E.H. (2017, March). Handoff standardization: Understanding heterogeneity. Paper presented at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Healthcare Symposium, New Orleans, LA
  • Keebler, J.R. (2017, September). Human Factors: Teamwork and tools in perioperative handovers.  Presented at the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Stoetling Conference on perioperative handovers, Phoenix, AZ
  • Keebler, J.R. & Toor, P. (2017, June). Utilizing the TeamSTEPPS teamwork perceptions questionnaire to improve your organization’s implementation and sustainment efforts. TeamSTEPPS Conference. Cleveland, OH
  • Fagerlund, A.S., Keebler, J.R., Lew, V., Welsh, K. L., & Lazzara, E.H. (2016, September).Team performance framework during handoffs. Proceedings of the 60th Annual Human Factors and Ergonomics International Meeting, Washington D.C.
  • Lazzara, E.  H. & DiazGranados, D. (Chairs) (2016, September). The future of cancer care: The role of human factors.  Panel presented at the 60th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Washington D.C..
  • Fagerlund, A.S., Keebler, J.R., Welsh, K., & Lazzara, E.H. (2016, April).Tips for improving handoffs. Paper presented at International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care, San Diego, CA
  • Lazzara, E. H.,Keebler, J. R., Day, S., DiazGranados, D., Pan, M., King, M., & Tu, S. (2016, February). Highlighting trust in the provision of cancer care. Presentation at the NCI-ASCO Teams in Cancer Care Workshop, Phoenix, AZ

Lab Information

Lab Directors: Dr. Joseph R. Keebler and Dr. Elizabeth H. Lazzara