Enroute Air Traffic Control Center Lab

The Enroute Laboratory is a real-world environment where our Air Traffic Management students learn and practice critical communications and aircraft handling skills required during the enroute phase of air traffic control.

The students will gain experience in a real-time ATC environment by monitoring and providing en-route guidance for pseudo-pilots operating the university’s fleet of computer simulators.

The enroute courses (AT405 and AT406) use a stand-alone enroute simulation, emulating DSR look and feel consoles and functionality. The courses introduce students to the enroute radar and non-radar procedures and minima prescribed in FAAH 7110.65 and builds upon knowledge gained in prerequisite courses, all in a simulated environment.

Training includes the vertical, lateral, and longitudinal separation of aircraft in the departure, enroute, and arrival phases of flight. Phraseology, strip marking, instrument and visual approaches, and the coordination procedures necessary to complete these functions are included in simulated ATC scenarios, along with the associated keyboard commands in an en-route environment. 

An example of functionality with the enroute software allows students to practice flight plan amendments (6-7-10) during selected scenarios. The airspace used in the enroute training is the airspace currently used at the academy. The NexSim simulation is a state-of-the art air traffic control simulation environment that is designed to enable controllers and developmental controllers to develop, maintain, and enhance skills related to air traffic control.

Operated by the Department of Applied Aviation Sciences, the ATC Laboratory is open to Air Traffic Management students for use during normal classroom hours. 


  • 10 enroute suites that include positions for the controller and radar associate, one supervisor position.

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