AMS Hangar and Ramp – Powerplant Line Maintenance Lab

The hanger has numerous functional engines; 5 Lycoming carbureted O-320 engines, 3 Lycoming IO-360, a TCM IO-360, a Austro AE300 FADEC engine, and 2 Pratt & Whitney PT6 engines, all on test stands equipped with instrumentation.

the ams hangarStudents will perform normal operations and troubleshooting on a variety of the above equipment. Additionally, the lab has an ACES systems Probalancer Model 2020 for use with dynamic balance and spectrum analysis.


  • Gulfstream 3 Business Jet
  • Lear 35 Business Jet
  • 2 Piper Arrows
  • 2 Cessna 150s
  • 2 Cessna 162 Skycatchers

Lab Information

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