Flight Techniques & Electronic Navigation Lab

The Les Kumpula Flight Techniques & Electronic Navigation Lab is one of the few simulation labs in collegiate aviation instruction where students are taught the nuances of automatic flight and aircraft performance. 

This precision allows for more efficient use of the airspace surrounding these airports. There have been many accidents caused by the complexities of man/machine interface and it is imperative that pilots be taught the appropriate use of automation. Here at Embry-Riddle we believe that pilots should be taught the appropriate uses of automation from day one. Using the Boeing 747-400 as the platform, advanced computer systems are used along with real-life aircraft automation interfaces to teach students when, and when not, to use automation and how to manage all navigation systems, including themselves. Additionally, using computer programs designed by Embry-Riddle, this lab is used to demonstrate the theoretical concepts of aircraft performance through computer simulation. Using their newly learned understanding of aircraft physics, students calculate the expected performance of the B747-400 in various environmental conditions and run computer simulations to verify the accuracy of their calculations. 


  • 15 work stations, flight simulator - Aerowings Airline DCU (control display unit).
  • Uses Boeing 747-400 as design platform

Lab Information

Phone: To speak to someone about this lab or any of our facilities, call us at 386-226-6100 or 800-862-2416.

Email: Daytona Aviation Labs at dbdeanga@erau.edu

Location: Building 341, Room 257